Is the War in Gaza a Complete Psychological Operation?


In this interview with Michael Decon, I delve into the depths of controversial topics that challenge the narratives we have been fed. Let’s question the established truths and explore the hidden layers of reality.

One topic that demands our attention is the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). These advanced technologies, often shrouded in secrecy, have the potential to manipulate and control the very fabric of our existence. We must question the motives behind their development and deployment and the implications they have on our lives.

Another subject that cannot be ignored is the emergence of the space force. What are the true intentions behind this militarization of space? Is it merely a means to protect our planet, or does it serve a more sinister purpose? We must dig deeper and uncover the hidden agendas that lie behind the creation of such a force.

The Gaza war, a recurring conflict that has plagued the region for decades, deserves our scrutiny. We must question the narratives that have been presented to us and explore the role of psy ops in shaping public opinion. Are we being manipulated into accepting a certain version of events? It is our duty to seek the truth and challenge the status quo.

In our quest for truth, we must also examine the economic and military status of Israel. What are the forces at play that have allowed this nation to wield such influence on the global stage? Are there hidden powers that manipulate the narrative to their advantage? We must question the information we are presented with and seek a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics at play.

Furthermore, we must confront the uncomfortable truth about the creation of Hamas by Israel. What are the motivations behind such actions? Is there a larger agenda at play? We must challenge the narratives that have been ingrained in our minds and seek alternative perspectives that shed light on the true nature of these events.

Lastly, we cannot turn a blind eye to the evidence of destruction in Palestine. The images of devastation and suffering demand our attention. We must question the official narratives and explore the possibility of advanced weapons being used in these conflicts. The truth may lie hidden beneath layers of deception, and we must uncover it.

In conclusion, my fellow truth-seekers, let us embark on a journey of discovery and challenge the assumptions that have been ingrained in our minds. Let us question the narratives and explore the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. It is through this relentless pursuit of truth that we can hope to create a better world, free from manipulation and deception.


Main Topics

Holocaust survivor and propaganda

◦ The speaker discusses the financial profiting of some Holocaust survivors and questions the ultimate historical truth of the Holocaust. 
◦ He mentions an interview with an Israeli foreign minister who openly admitted using the Holocaust accusation to shut down critics. 
◦ He expresses his confusion and desire to uncover the truth about historical events and the manipulation of history books. 

Terrorism narrative and Mossad

◦ The speaker suggests that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, plays a role in war by deception and manipulating information. 
◦ He mentions meetings where the narrative of terrorism was created and how it led to increased militarization and loss of freedoms. 
◦ He questions the portrayal of certain leaders as heroes when they originated from labeled terrorist backgrounds. 

US military and critical thinking

◦ People view the speaker as questioning the US military, but he clarifies that he is not into politics. 
◦ He raises concerns about critical thinking being suppressed and questions why asking questions is seen as a problem. 
◦ He mentions friends in jail in Germany for questioning a certain event and highlights the importance of freedom to question. 

Apartheid and living conditions for Palestinians

◦ Palestinians face economic discrimination and have limited job opportunities. 
◦ Identification papers and special plates differentiate Palestinians from Israelis. 
◦ Living standards are significantly different between Palestinians and Israelis, leading to growing animosity. 

Israel and its military capabilities

◦ Israel receives billions of dollars in funding, making it one of the most advanced armies in the world. 
◦ The military is equipped with fighter jets, tanks, and surveillance technology. 
◦ The population is called into military duty, and there is a high presence of guns among civilians. 

Highly secured and armed Israel

◦ We’ve got surveillance systems that are out of this. Worldwide we have the best guarded wall on the planet. 
◦ We have a very advanced intelligence operation based on the Mossad. 
◦ We have an armed population where they’re being handed out machine guns and all of these type of things. 

Suspicious events during conflicts

◦ Why would the weapons be taken away from the guards? That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. 
◦ Hamas managed to break out in 15 different locations while all the guards were gone for seven hours. 
◦ The amount of bad luck that day, all the guards, helicopters, and systems seemed to be on stand down. 

Creation and funding of Hamas

◦ Hamas was created and funded by the Israeli government. 
◦ Conflict between Israel and Hamas raises questions about provocation and manipulation. 
◦ The Gaza Strip, where Hamas operates, is described as an open-air prison with a large population of children. 

Conditions in the Gaza Strip

◦ Half of them consisting of teenagers and children that have been under bombardment on a regular basis. 
◦ Where there’s hardly any food, where there’s hardly any water, where everything is controlled and blocked. 
◦ They have been locked in for many, many, many, many years. 

Natural Disasters

The response to natural disasters, such as the recent wildfire in Maui, raises questions about government priorities and allocation of resources. 

Government Funding

The US government provides significant financial aid to foreign countries like Israel, while neglecting the needs of its own citizens. 

Media Bias

The global media is heavily biased towards the official narrative, particularly in the case of Israel and Ukraine. 

Directed energy weapons

Impact on coastal cities and critical communication points

Orchestrated events

Manipulation of footage in conflicts

Authenticity of victims

Lack of emotional response

Questions / Answers

• Why do people view you as questioning the US military?
The speaker clarifies that he is not into politics and jokes about people’s reactions to his questioning. 
• Why are you questioning the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors?
The speaker highlights the financial profiting and inclusion of some individuals in the Holocaust narrative, raising doubts about the ultimate historical truth. 
• What is the role of Mossad in manipulating information?
The speaker suggests that Mossad operates through war by deception and plays a role in creating the terrorism narrative. 
• Is Israel the most rich country ever?
No, but it has a highly advanced military and surveillance capabilities. 
• Was there apartheid in Israel?
While not officially apartheid, there were economic disparities and discriminatory practices against Palestinians. 
• Was Hamas created by Israel?
Yes, Hamas was created and funded by the Israeli government. 
• How did Hamas even get the funds in there?
It is unlikely that funds were transferred into the area due to the controlled tunnels. 
• Are the Palestinians involved in the planning?
The Palestinians may not have had much say in the events, as it seems orchestrated by other forces. 
• What evidence is there of the destruction caused?
The evidence of destruction does not match the expected signs of explosives, suggesting the use of advanced weapons. 

Key Points and Insights

• He raises doubts about the ultimate historical truth of the Holocaust and highlights financial profiting and manipulation in the Holocaust survivor narrative.
• The speaker suggests that Mossad operates through war by deception and questions the portrayal of certain leaders as heroes.
• The media’s portrayal of conflicts, such as Israel-Palestine and Ukraine, is often one-sided and lacks balance.
• The speaker emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and freedom to question events and narratives.
• The creation and funding of Hamas by Israel raises questions about the conflict between the two.
• Palestinians face economic discrimination and have lower living standards compared to Israelis.
• The Gaza Strip is described as an open-air prison with a large population of children.
• Suspicious events and inconsistencies raise questions about the true nature of the conflicts.
• The Gaza Strip faces extreme conditions with limited resources and constant bombardment.
• The conflict between Israel and Palestine involves highly secured and armed forces.
• Israel receives significant funding for its military, making it highly advanced.
• Government funding priorities favor foreign countries over domestic needs.
• Speculation about false flag operations and the involvement of Hamas and ISIS
• Reports of deep fires and water reserve depletion in Southeast Asian countries
• Presence of a small but powerful group attempting world domination
• Natural disasters reveal discrepancies in response and resource allocation.
• Mention of Exercise Talisman Sabre 23 involving multiple nations
• Concerns about the push towards smart cities and control over mobility
• Allegations of a global power structure and the New World Order
• Criticism of international response and lack of accountability
• Doubts about the authenticity of footage and manipulation of images
• Observations of similar setups in Bali and Denpasar
• Criticism of FEMA’s response and support for survivors


• I’m not into politics. I know I’m joking with you. I’m just saying that’s how people view you now.
• If the truth is the truth, if the official story is true, why are you fearing any kind of questions?
• It’s a very odd, ultimate historical big question mark.
• If anyone tags us, we just throw the anti-Semite thing at them. If that doesn’t stop them, we go with the Holocaust.
• History books have always been written by the winners.
• Mossad’s motto is war by deception. That tells you they will play with your mind.
• Every treaty, every deal that was made was broken by the US government forces.
• Israel has been funded from the US with around ten million dollars per day.
• We’re being played somewhere. There is something going on that is not logical.
• To find out who controls you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.
• Look at the military. Look at the surveillance. Look at the fighter jets, the tanks, the army. It is the most high tech ever.
• Living standards were incredibly different among the Palestinians and among the Israelis.
• Hamas was actually created by Israel. So any conflict between Israel and Hamas, you have to ask yourself, well, if Hamas was created and funded by Israel, could that be maybe a design provocation?
• We have the best guarded wall on the planet.
• Half of the population, children, are interested in politics and are terrorized by war.
• Why would the weapons be taken away from the guards? That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
• Hamas managed to break out in 15 different locations while all the guards were gone for seven hours.
• The evidence of destruction does not match the expected signs of explosives, suggesting the use of advanced weapons.


Controversial Topics Discussed
The dialogue discusses various topics, including body pain, global conspiracies, false flag operations, and criticism of American military involvement. It also touches on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and questions the motives of those behind it.
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The dialogue discusses the manipulation of global power structures and suggests a connection between events in Gaza, Israel, and other parts of the world, highlighting the influence of multinational companies and secretive organizations.
Skepticism on Holocaust Dialogue
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Conflict and Propaganda History
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Living conditions in Gaza
The dialogue discusses the dire living conditions in the Gaza Strip, including the high population of children, strict control and surveillance by Israel, and the use of violent tactics by Israeli soldiers.
Power Imbalance in Israel-Gaza
The dialogue discusses the power imbalance between Israel and Gaza, questioning the events surrounding the conflict and suggesting a conspiracy to deceive the public about what really happened.
Skepticism and Unlikely Circumstances
The dialogue discusses the skepticism surrounding the lack of surveillance footage and security measures during the 9/11 attacks, as well as the unlikely circumstances surrounding Hamas’ breakout in multiple locations.
Conspiracy Against Palestine
The dialogue discusses a series of suspicious events, including a killing spree and destruction of cars, suggesting that the incidents were orchestrated by powerful forces behind Israel as part of a plan to eliminate Palestine.
Media Bias and False Evidence
The dialogue discusses the use of manipulated footage and false flag operations in relation to the conflict involving Hamas, questioning the credibility of the evidence presented and highlighting biased media coverage in favor of Israel.
Political Dialogue on Maui
The dialogue discusses various political issues, including skepticism towards politicians, government funding for foreign countries, and suspicions of manipulation and corruption in relation to a disaster in Maui.
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Debate
The dialogue discusses the release of genetically modified mosquitoes by Bill Gates and the potential negative effects on the environment and human health.



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