Arkansas Cop Hero a Reporter

Anyone that knows a female cop, and what steps they had to take AND the minimum physical requirements (especially for police force in large cities), will have a hard time buying this chick made the cut! My BF had to get a degree in criminal justice, luckily she met the minimum height requirements exactly, and the best job she could get was in a po-dunk town. Anyways, this isn’t just something they throw at women because they’re cute and petite. Oh, and if you think she really did get a “bug” to go into law enforcement, you should see what she wrote about her passion for POLITICAL and INVESTiGATIVE News as well as her Talent Agent:

As usual, I don’t post everything I have. However, I give enough for anyone that’s willing to do their own research.

Sorry about my typo! It takes for-ever to process these videos, and I didn’t think it was a big enough typo to justify taking up another hour of my time.

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