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For the past twenty-five years I have been in law enforcement. Fifteen of those years were spent as a general detective in a large metropolitan police department. For those not familiar with the duties of a general detective we are what is know as the “jack of all trades” within the investigative arena. We investigate all areas of crime without specializing in one particular vocation. Aside from homicides, sex crimes and undercover drug operations, I have investigated almost every type of criminal offense including theft, fraud, forgery, stalking, identity theft, robbery, burglary, harassment, intimidation and more. In addition, I have conducted hundreds of interviews and interrogations and have undergone countless hours of training in the area of criminal, human and deceptive behavior. I feel that I am uniquely qualified when it comes to investigating the deceptions perpetrated against by what I refer to as the Media Industrial Complex. With so many years spent in law enforcement many people assume that I have a degree in criminal justice and/or a similar field of study. However, this is not the case. My educational background is actually in music. I earned an associate’s degree in music-fine arts, a bachelor’s degree in music theory and composition with a teaching certification. Finally, my graduate studies were in the field of music multimedia technology. While music and law enforcement might at first seem to be two diametrically opposing fields, they actually have some things in common, especially in the field of investigations. Music theory is an area of study which requires a great deal of critical thinking, reasoning and attention to detail. Similarly, conducting investigations require these same skill sets.