Beyond the Vaccine with Celeste Solum

Do you ever wonder why we are given an experimental drug that injects unknown synthetic RNA for the first time ever into billions of people? It’s not even approved by the FDA and pays no regard to previous laws and regulations put in place to avoid this level of dangerous and deadly unknowns. Within one year everything changed. Do you remember last year when our former president Donald Trump signed the Stafford act? The emergency act? Did he hand over the reins to FEMA? What really was that about? Did our president say goodbye while FEMA began running our country in March of 2020? On the next Frequency Wars, Tim Ray will be interviewing Celeste Solum, author, speaker, and former FEMA employee, not only to answer these questions but also to explore what is actually inside the vaccines. Investigative Journalist, Pamela Rae Schuffert will also be joining us. Is this secret about expanding beyond the vaccine? Tune in to find out.

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