Capitol Shooting Exposed as Hollywood Stunt

Ashli Babbit Capitol Shooting Exposed as Hollywood Stunt

Compelling analysis of video clips reveal a botched attempt at a Hollywood-style capitol shooting drama.

Is Ashli Babbitt alive and well? — Babbit was initially identified as “Roberta Paulsen” until it was officially debunked by alleged “fact checkers”.

The smoking gun is the failure of law enforcement to be prepared when it was known by U.S. Capitol Police, that alleged “insurrection” at the capitol was planned for weeks by people and groups claiming to be Trump supporters but now revealed to be hired actors. (TIME MAG)

Notice the fake “Plastic” appearance of the Swat Guy’s assault rifle.

“Breakaway glass” used in movies is usually made from a thermoplastic or two component resin that is poured into a flexible silicone mold to harden. Some brand names are Piccotex / Piccolastic (Eastman) and SMASH (Bentley Chemicals) and others.

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