Biowarfare, Powder, and Signals

by Joseph P. Farrell February 28, 2020 Source There’s been a lot of speculation out there about the connection between the corona virus and 5g. But a big thank you to G.L.R. who found this …

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Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq – Coronavirus Patent (Mirror)

thecrowhouse 208K subscribers This is a mirrored video. Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq – Original Source:… Support The Crowhouse: Crypto-currencies: Bitcoin: 1F6bEEsJHZZhHeT4fmN9iQCwF1Yqu5UZSD Litecoin: LcTY57kkuWaSF8YqC9EbLpxBj5kcQzMLhQ Ethereum: 0x924C0F9A9889f703a9220eCf322342B9d6BDb32D Dash: XfGA55jscnDdHyQKhKTAEHQMP6GhqC5AGm… Twitter …

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A Stunning Admission on the So-called Population Crisis

TOPICS:ChinaFertilityOverpopulationTechnocracyTruthstream Media February 10, 2020 By Truthstream Media It’s kind of insane to be living through this time where the admissions of what used to be considered “crazy conspiracy theories” are just rolling out in …

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