Humanity Is Living In Two Worlds Now!

By Neenah Payne People are living in two very different worlds now. In one world are people who rely on the corporate media for information. They are bombarded with stories of a “global pandemic” that could …

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How Do We Organize Against Quarantine Centers?

By Derrick Broze Journalist Derrick Broze reviews a few stories related to forced quarantines of those who refuse COVID19 tests and/or vaccines. Derrick also asks, how are the free people of the world going to organize …

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Capitol Shooting Exposed as Hollywood Stunt

Ashli Babbit Capitol Shooting Exposed as Hollywood Stunt Compelling analysis of video clips reveal a botched attempt at a Hollywood-style capitol shooting drama. Is Ashli Babbitt alive and well? — Babbit was initially identified as …

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