Concerned about electromagnetic exposure? There’s an app for that

A man who has developed an app to measure electromagnetic radiation claims the software could help users get a better night’s sleep

David Migliacci – founder of the ElectroSmart app – believes there should be greater transparency about our exposure to this kind of radiation. It is emitted from wifi routers, from Bluetooth speakers and, ironically, from smartphones.

Some studies link electromagnetic radiation to a range of complaints, including insomnia and headaches, while other research has downplayed the health impacts.

There is consensus, however, on the fact that our homes and offices are now full of internet-enabled devices, which emit electromagnetic radiation 24/7.



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Monitoring the radiation through Migliacci’s Android app will, he claims, enable users to make informed decisions at home and work about what they are exposed to and for how long. The app has already been downloaded 75,000 times and more than 800m measurements have been collected.

“Electromagnetic radiation is not like classic pollution,” he said. “By moving just a short distance [from the source] your exposure can drop significantly. If you take a measurement and it’s high you could, for example, move a router a few metres away.”

Before scientists are able to reach consensus on the health impacts of this kind of radiation, he suggests “it’s possible to protect ourselves. This app brings transparency.”

Image: Research lead Arnaud Legout puts ElectroSmart through its paces, by C. Morel © inria

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