geoengineering, the space fence, and the advent of transhumanism

By Elana Freeland

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

– Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

We’ve arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces. I mean, who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it?

– Carl Sagan to Charlie Rose, May 27, 1996

Until U.S. President Donald Trump announced the formation of the Space Force in 2018,1 most Americans were unaware of the existence of the present militarized Space Age, despite more than 50 years of a secret space program cloaked first in the Cold War and then in what is now called geoengineering.

The American entry into the race to control space began in 1945 when Operation Paperclip2 brought 10,000 Nazi engineers, technicians, doctors, and scientists to the United States to create technological wonders. For example, aerospace engineer Arthur Rudolph, former colleague of SS aeronautics engineer Wernher von Braun (director of Marshall Space Flight Center), had been Hitler’s director of the Mittelwerk underground rocket factory nicknamed “Dante’s Inferno” where 52,000 prisoners turned out 6,000 V-2 rockets. From 1951 to 1961, Rudolph worked for Martin Marietta3 in Waterton, Colorado, after which he became project director of the Saturn V rocket program. Rudolph became an American citizen and received the Distinguished Service Award. In 1984, he renounced his U.S. citizenship and returned to Germany, having faithfully served the transfer of the Third Reich secret space program to the United States.

The Trojan horse of amoral, cryptic Nazism was accompanied by three other horsemen: the National Security Act, the CIA, and the Cold War whose radar installations, rockets, satellites, computers, MK-ULTRA brain engineering, exotic propulsion craft, and wireless technology catapulted 20th century America deep into the 21st century secret space program.4 Obtaining the “final frontier” of space necessitated total command and control (C2) over global airspace, near-earth orbit (NEO), and atmospheric and space weather. While the military researched weather control throughout the Cold War, mainstream media and embedded scientists kept up a litany of dire warnings of a “little ice age,” “greenhouse gases,” and “desertification” that would later morph into “extreme weather,” “global warming,” “climate change,” etc.—all to keep the dollars flowing.

International conferences packed with PhDs recommended expensive “solutions” under the rubric of geoengineering, defined by the Stanford Environmental Law Journal as the intentional human-directed manipulation of the Earth’s climatic systems. What was never mentioned at these showcase conferences was the secret space program and how the military-industrial-intelligence complex sought to turn weather into a “force multiplier”5 for seven military operations: (1) weather modification, (2) environmental / geophysical modification, (3) electromagnetic manipulation, (4) military full spectrum dominance, (5) biological manipulation, (6) intelligence / surveillance, and (7) detection / obscuration of exotic propulsion technology.6

Infiltration and co-optation, compartmentalization, confidentiality agreements, backroom deals, threats, bribes, skewed research, packed peer review committees, embedded international media—one can only marvel at the legerdemain and sheer deception it takes to steer international conferences, committees, publishing houses, news outlets, and university and elementary school curriculi so as to construct a vast global house of cards built on turning carbons—the building blocks of all of life—into the culprit behind global warming. It is quite the con, given that CO2 is just above the minimum needed to sustain plant life,7 and nations should be increasing their CO2 instead of being penalized for the CO2 they have.8

In 2012, climatologist Tim Ball stressed one more time that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas:

The Warmist position is fixed because it was achieved by corruption of the science and the scientific method. Science advances through proposing a hypothesis. Scientists then function as skeptics and challenge the assumptions on which they are based. The hypothesis became fact through the design of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It’s the pattern of science driven by environmentalism as a political agenda. Deliberate personal and professional attacks sidelined the few who tried to be scientific skeptics. These attacks were reinforced by mainstream media, who also accepted and promoted the hypothesis.9

The truth is that ionospheric heaters like HAARP are being used to modify the atmosphere (thus heating it), while carbon taxes and emissions trading support the secret space program.

But what of “science” during all of this politicizing of the climate? Control over scientists and the various institutions of the scientific apparat has been tight since the Paperclip Nazi takeover at the beginning of the Cold War. The peer review system has been utterly co-opted by the military-industrial-intelligence complex that controls the purse strings and thus favors some theories and scientists while banishing others to the outer darkness of non-publication and stonewalled careers. Nobel Laureate biologist Sydney Brenner:

I think peer review is hindering science. In fact, I think it has become a completely corrupt system. It’s corrupt in many ways, in that scientists and academics have handed over to the editors of these journals the ability to make judgment on science and scientists. There are universities in America, and I’ve heard from many committees, that won’t consider people’s publications in low impact factor journals . . . it puts the judgment in the hands of people who really have no reason to exercise judgment at all. And that’s all been done in the aid of commerce, because they are now giant organizations making money out of it.10

Social commentator Charles Eisenstein describes the outer-darkness opposition to cutting-edge scientists like those exploring Electric Universe theory as that of a “powerful orthodoxy against a marginalized heterodoxy”:

If you have faith in the soundness of our scientific institutions, you will assume that the dissidents are marginalized for very good reason: their work is substandard. If you believe that the peer review process is fair and open, then the dearth of peer-reviewed citations for [Electric Universe] research is a damning indictment of their theory. And if you believe that the corpus of mainstream physics is fundamentally correct, and that science is progressing closer and closer to truth, you will be highly skeptical of any major departure from standard theories . . . Can we trust scientific consensus? Can we trust the integrity of our scientific institutions? Perhaps not. Over the last few years, a growing chorus of insider critics have been exposing serious flaws in the ways that scientific research is funded and published, leading some to go so far as to say, “Science is broken.”11

In the forty years between 1973 and 2013, decisions as to which scientific papers merited publication and which didn’t fell to only six major publishers— ACS; Reed Elsevier; Sage; Taylor & Francis; Springer; and Wiley-Blackwell)—all in the back pocket of Big Pharma and the medical industry that profit from sickness, not health:

“As long as publishing in high impact factor journals is a requirement for researchers to obtain positions, research funding, and recognition from peers, the major commercial publishers will maintain their hold on the academic publishing system,” added [Professor Vincent Lariviere, lead author of the study from the University of Montreal’s School of Library and Information Science].12

Then there is the omnipresent danger quotient far beyond loss of career for scientists working on classified projects. In the early days of the “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) now culminating in the Space Fence, two dozen scientists and experts working for Marconi and Plessey Defence Systems either disappeared or died under “mysterious circumstances.” Most were microbiologists. The scientist death toll continued into the 1990s and post-9/11.13 Now, the targets appear to be naturopathic doctors and health-minded MDs peering behind the curtains of Big Pharma vaccinations, autism, and cancer-for-profit.14

During Germany’s Third Reich, it was the secretive Ahnenerbe that controlled science; today in America, it is “national security” secrecy manipulated by giant defense corporations dedicated to the secret space program.15

Science has been broken on a rack of secrets owned by the few and denied the majority.

“Climate control”

The Federal Government has been involved for over 30 years in a number of aspects of weather modification, through activities of both the Congress and the executive branch. Since 1947, weather modification bills pertaining to research support, operations, policy studies, regulations, liabilities, activity reporting, establishment of panels and committees, and international concerns have been introduced in the Congress. There have been hearings on many of these proposed measures, and oversight hearings have also been conducted on pertinent ongoing programs.16

The first congressional report on geoengineering in the U.S. House of Representatives did not appear until October 2010, nearly two decades since geoengineering had been ramping up weather as a force multiplier, thanks to HAARP.17  Even then, the congressional report’s appearance may have been due not so much to a sudden contrition of conscience as to the threat posed by the upcoming 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) in Nagoya, Japan where 193 nations would ratify a moratorium against the geoengineering that the U.S. Congress knew nothing about.18

Four months after the moratorium, three geoengineered Fukushima earthquakes struck Japan. Having witnessed what had happened to Japan, developing nations at the 2011 UN Climate Change Conference (COP17) in Durban, South Africa attempted to create an International Tribunal of Climate Justice that might serve as a legal bulwark against developed nations wielding weather weapons,19 but by COP21 at the end of 2015, the provision had utterly disappeared.

Embedded media continue to layer weather confusion in the public mind, blaming industrial pollutants while assiduously ignoring the role of the secret space program under the American military and defense monopolies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. One headline reads that polar glaciers are melting, another that a mini-ice age is inevitable. Solar radiation management (SRM) will one day be necessary; SRM has already begun.20 From the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on, globalist puppet organizations have consistently lied, as investigative journalist James Corbett never tires of pointing out.21 Now and then, scientists like CERN particle physicist Jasper Kirby22 and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center heliophysicist Douglas E. Rowland leak tantalizing tidbits about what is really going on—“There’s different kinds of chemtrails as you probably know”23— but it is tactically ignored. An Italian senator calls for declassification of chemtrail documents,24 a Cyprus agriculture and environment minister pledges to look into “chemtrails” aka aerial spraying25—and then, nothing.

Over and over again, government and private agencies like NASA, NOAA, EPA, IPCC, and the CDC are caught in lies, but the embedded version rolls on. NASA proclaimed July 2012 the hottest month on record and NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center agreed: the July 2012 temperature average of 77.6ºF was 3.3ºF above the 20th century average and 0.2ºF above the previously warmest July of 1936 (during the Dust Bowl years). However, when meteorologist Anthony Watts checked NOAA data, he found that July 1936 had been reinstated as the hottest month on record. “You can’t get any clearer proof of NOAA adjusting past temperatures,” Watts wrote. “This isn’t just some issue with gridding, or anomalies, or method, it is about NOAA not being able to present historical climate information of the United States accurately . . . This is not acceptable. It is not being honest with the public. It is not scientific. It violates the Data Quality Act.”26

David L. Lewis, PhD, a former microbiologist for the EPA’s Office of Research & Development, wrote in Science For Sale: How the Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014) that EPA leadership consistently “mishandles science.”

Rutgers University climatologist Alan Robock relates how CIA-funded consultants contacted him to ask two questions: If we control someone else’s climate, would they know about it? and Would climate experts be able to determine if another nation was attempting to control the climate? The CIA has funded multiple grants in quest of “climate intervention.”27

And what in the world was going on in 2003, when former Acting Assistant Administrator Henry L. Longest II made midlevel EPA managers read management consultant Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another, urging environmentalists “to abandon Western science in favor of ‘New Science’ . . . the ‘space of not knowing’ and the ‘abyss’. While passing through the abyss, new scientists shed their religious beliefs and sexual inhibitions, then turn to one another,”28 after which managerial candidates had to fill out a confidential questionnaire about their promiscuity, religion, morality, and willingness to keep secrets. What exactly was the EPA up to in the Bush II years?

What are we to believe and not believe, now that we have entered the terra incognita of space? In 2000, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Henry H. Shelton confessed that a crucial component of the military doctrine of full spectrum dominance is the use of deception to “defend decision-making processes by neutralizing an adversary’s perception management and intelligence collection efforts.”29  In 2015, the twin LIGOs (Laser Interferometer-Gravitational wave Observatory) were said to have detected a gravitational wave generated by two merging black holes at a distance of 1.3 billion light years.30  Do “gravitational waves” and “black holes” even exist? The Thunderbolts Project and Electric Universe theory would say no.31 And what were the asteroid-type objects near Uranus that the ALMA (Atacama large millimeter/submillimeter array) telescope in Chile detected?32

Propaganda, manipulation of international convocations, sharing sexual histories to forge bonds of secrecy, blackmailing nations with the threat of geoengineered weather, perception management of space itself—even “executive actions” (murders)—have plagued the geoengineering frenzy from the beginning. U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) fought hard for HR2977, the 2001 Space Preservation Act that attempted to salvage the Space Age from bristling directed energy weapons (which included chemical trails). But HR2977 was stalled in committee after committee and eventually killed. On December 19, 2007, Kucinich’s 52-year-old younger brother was found dead; the following year on November 12, his 48-year-old sister died of acute respiratory distress syndrome. Natural deaths, or payback?

On August 9, 2010, U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska) was investigating HAARP at the request of Alaskan bush pilot Theron “Terry” Smith when their aircraft crashed, killing Stevens and Smith but not NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe, who was also onboard. Smith’s son-in-law had been killed just days before in a C-17 crash at Elmendorf Air Force Base. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) blamed the crash on the “pilot’s temporary unresponsiveness for reasons that could not be established.”33

Other strange purges have been underway. Canada dismissed 2,000 scientists and hundreds of programs monitoring smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water quality, climate change, etc. while closing seven of the eleven Fisheries and Oceans libraries:

. . . a document classified as “secret” that was obtained by Postmedia News mentioned “culling of materials” as a main activity in the reduction of libraries . . . reports have emerged of books being strewn across floors and even piled into dumpsters.34

It has been decades of subterfuge, manipulation, and one extreme weather experiment after another in full view of nations whose citizenry were slowly awakening to the fact that weather is no longer an act of God but has been weaponized. Now, it appears that United Nations globalists are satisfied that climate will indeed be the deus ex machina that will bend nations to their will.

The UN power shift

By Earth Day 2016, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change climate agreement had been signed.35 Multiple conferences had paved the way to it, culminating in two in particular: the Sustainable Development Summit in New York City in September 2015, and the COP21 in Paris November 30 – December 11, 2015. The Summit was mostly cheerleading and self-congratulation for the teeth that weather warfare technology provided to make sure nations toed the line of global governance and organized their citizenry according to the “sustainable development” rubric

To cheers, applause and probably a tinge of relief, the 17 global goals that will provide the blueprint for the world’s development over the next 15 years were ratified by UN member states in New York on Friday. After speeches from Pope Francis and the Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, and songs from Shakira and Angelique Kidjo, the ambitious agenda – which aims to tackle poverty, climate change and inequality for all people in all countries – was signed off by 193 countries at the start of a three-day UN summit on sustainable development . . . The global goals summit continues until Sunday, after which all eyes will be on the UN climate talks in November. Asked if the goals will be scuppered without a strong deal in Paris [COP21], Mogens Lykketoft, the president of the UN general assembly, was hesitant, saying leaders were making more commitments than they were in previous COP meetings. “From what we know and hope for, we will be approaching a better deal.” 36

COP21 in Paris was quite the show, as well. Climate mouthpieces had been carefully chosen—the IPCC, privately funded geoengineers, prestigious universities, embedded NGOs and government agencies, the World Bank and IMF, and of course the usual Wall Street – London deep pockets. Scriptwriters worked overtime on the fate of the Earth as cameras panned in on lightning flashes, rolling storms, deluges and droughts, crying babies, hospital emergency rooms filled to overflowing . . .

The carbon lie would rake in boatloads of disaster capitalist cash: $90 trillion in energy infrastructure investments, $1 trillion green bond market, multi-trillion dollar carbon trading market, $391 billion climate finance industry.37 The UN Green Climate Fund alone would clear $100 billion per year, purportedly to support concrete carbons mitigation in developing countries. As to whether or not the money would make it to developing countries after being filtered through multilateral and private banks like World Bank, all bets were off—the naked emperor was not known for keeping his promises . . .
Traditional bureaucratic foundations like Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie were said to be giving way to “philanthrocapitalism,” a muscular new approach to charity in which the presumed entrepreneurial skills of billionaires would be applied to the world’s most pressing challenges . . .38

The UN was to be tasked with vast new tax and regulatory powers in the name of keeping global warming below the 1.5°C “error bar.” There was no mention, however, of the ionospheric heaters that could easily adjust the climate with a flick of the dial so as to keep the “global warming” doom machine pumping out those lucrative carbons taxes.39

On cue, the Dutch Defence Joint Meteorological Group (JMG) took the lead “in providing weather forecasts for every exercise or deployment of [NATO’s] Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF),”40 “weather forecasts” referring to the unspoken political blackmail clause that says nations must behave or suffer engineered “acts of God”—floods, droughts, earthquakes, or tornadoes—followed by the enforcement powers of American “disaster relief agencies” (FEMA, USAID, CIA, etc.).

The SSS Space Fence and advent of Transhumanism

Thus we find ourselves wrangling over climate and a long, long way from President Kennedy’s vision of a shared planetary Space Age. The Space Act of 2015 (HR2262) erased the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 so the military-industrial-intelligence phalanx could get on with the business of preparing for capitalism in space, namely asteroid mining and acquisition of lunar helium-3 isotopes. HR2262 may sound like a futuristic fiction or at the most premature, but the truth is that taxpayers know as little about what they’ve been paying for since the Cold War as they do about the UN’s “sustainable development” yoked to the secret space program.

Our actions to align climate and energy policies will protect human health and help level the playing field for our businesses, households, and workers . . . that sets us firmly on the path to a more sustainable future.41
Phrases like “protect human health,” “level the playing field,” and “sustainable future” may sound vacuous but are probably ciphers for the planetary uniformity the UN is selling so that artificial intelligence (AI) systems can do their job of running the Space Fence lockdown and full spectrum dominance of Earth—essential first steps to solar system domination.42

The SSS (Space Surveillance System) Space Fence is under the aegis of Lockheed Martin, the number one military contractor corporation in the world. The Space Fence is not just a few radar installations but a vast environmental infrastructure built around and within human society. Manifold, interconnected “dual use” installations provide the command and control43 necessary to full spectrum dominance of weather, near-Earth space, and all organic life.

The military goal of turning the Earth’s environment into a chemical / electromagnetic weapon of war has at last succeeded. In 1962, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring alerted the public to the chemical pesticides allowed to go rogue; in 2001, epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell wrote Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War about how thermal and non-thermal radiation, chemical trails, ionospheric heaters like HAARP, engineered extreme weather, etc. were militarizing the environment.

Unfortunately, waiting for these weapons to be employed in order to then be able to better understand them will mean the end of our civilization and our life. Our research must be ahead of the threats instead of limping behind. Chemtrails are the attempt of biological and chemical warfare. What they are dumping on us now might only be a pre-taste of what is actually planned.(Bertell, email 27.1.2011)44

How right Dr. Bertell was. From the mid-1990s on, independent scientist Clifford Carnicom dedicated himself to researching what was in the long, sustained trails issuing from jets cruising over northern New Mexico. If they weren’t condensation trails (and they weren’t), what was in them? From precipitation samples and his HEPA air filter, he was able to collect and analyze fibers that had been genetically engineered. Finally, he realized they were the submicron pathogen known as Morgellons.45  Carnicom then collected and analyzed the saliva (the red wine test46) and blood of a few dozen volunteers living in various regions across the United States. All of their samples had the fibers. Slowly, he realized that jet release of Morgellons fibers into the atmosphere must be intentional and planetary. Was the point to incubate the pathogen in the bloodstreams of all lung-breathing organisms?

Their submicron size pointed to the organism’s ability to slide past the blood brain barrier, as well. Did this have anything to do with why billionaire members of the Good Club47 were investing in more and more “brain institutes”?48 And why had over 100 government and private agencies visited the Carnicom Institute website?49

Engineered pathogens were not all that was being delivered by the chemical trails. Conductive metal nanoparticles were rife in both saliva and blood samples. Nano-scale sensors (MEMS, GEMS, and NEMS), “smart dust,” dusty plasma, microprocessors, carbon nanotubes, Fullerenes, buckyballs, nanotopes (isotopes) and tracers are also present. In fact, anything nano-sized that can be remotely triggered to collect data then sent on to Fusion Centers and labs is being breathed in by lungs and loaded by skin.50 Tree bark and leaves, soil, gardens, grazing animals, oceans and rivers . . . Nanotechnology is everywhere.

Bionic Man is now loaded with tiny cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) that need only to be remotely triggered to enable augmented bodies, brain-computer interface (BCI), behavior modification (mind control), bio-hacking (“whole brain emulation”), etc. Mainstream media pitch Transhumanism as the bio-neuro “enhancement” religion of the future, but Transhumanism as it stands right now appears to depend upon open chemistry and electromagnetics experiments via tiny cyborgs breathed in and awaiting their remote instructions from the bloodstreams and brains of millions.

Futurist Max More, now CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, sagely describes Transhumanism as “a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.” It is phrases like “beyond its currently human form and human limitations” that should concern us. Mark O’Connell, author of To Be A Machine: Adventures Among Cyborgs, Utopians, Hackers, and the Futurists Solving the Modern Problem of Death (Random House, 2017), adds another concern: that Transhumanists are “largely tech people and science people. It’s hugely a white male thing and it tells you a lot about privilege . . . Transhumanism seems to come from a position of privilege.”51 Together, the comments of More and O’Connell point to old Nazi wine in new wineskins. Is a large remotely owned and run Transhumanist slave class under development by corporate techno-slave owners?

Space Fence lockdown extends to bodies become CBW test tubes and Petri dishes.

A burning Transhumanist question in the future will be: At what point has one abandoned one’s humanity and become a cyborg oneself?

Other questions must be asked now without delay, given that millimeter wave iPhones are arriving: Are the thoughts and emotions I’m having my own, or are they from an AI system? Despite all the nanobots I’ve breathed in, eaten, or been vaccinated with, am I still the free will master of my fate?

The first deliveries of the engineered nano-entities inside our blood and brains were timed to accompany the proliferation of wireless computers, cell phones, and myriads of transmitting and receiving towers. While the outer environment was being armed, the inner bodily environment was also being armed by aerial deliveries to be followed up with secondary systems like GMO foods and vaccinations. In the end, Space Fence lockdown is about utilizing the environment to either “enhance” or devolve us for Transhumanist agendas.

Despite having indigestion from National Security State lies for more than a half century, we the people must continue to educate ourselves regarding our ionized atmosphere loaded with conducting metals. Our conception of it must now add that it is an open-air CBW lab in which we function as Petri dishes and specimen tubes. My third book will plumb the depths of this nano-based Transhumanist synthetic biology.

Such is our fate to wrestle with fallen techno-angels.

Source: The Solari Report created by Catherine Austin Fitts

(note by Catherine Austin Fitts: for  those who are familiar with Elana’s book or the issues discussed in the article, you will understand how the various topics being referred to in the article are related. For those who are not familiar with either, we would suggest you get Elana’s books because in our opinion there is no civilian researcher we know of, as a “non-insider”, who has studied and documented these issues and their interrelationships more thoroughly).

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