How To Grow REAL FOOD By Mimicking Nature

By Natural Blaze

Take this quick tour of Jared’s Real Food permaculture market farm located on only 2 1/2 acres. It’s another amazing example of just how much can be produced (and be profitable) with the right systems and techniques that will mimic nature to grow superior food.

Jared also discusses the steps he has taken since the farm’s inception 10 years ago and what he has learned along the way about increasing diversity across his entire landscape – including the often overlooked pollinators and insects!

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If you are already engaged in organic farming yourself, please share your tips and tricks with our community below.

Visit the Nature’s Always Right YouTube channel, where this first appeared, to learn about regenerative agriculture, market gardening, and how to DIY. Steven will take you on my market garden journey and show you how to build an agriculture business from the ground up using no-till, beyond organic, 0-pesticide techniques and build infrastructure from recycled materials.

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