RECORDING Webinar: Embracing Change

Welcome to the live webinar recording with world renowned International speaker and peacemaker Ole Dammegard.

Ole shared his knowledge and strategies, especially when it comes to Raja Yoga philosophy, as well as answering any questions and give direct feedback. Register now and sand get instant access to the recording. Come learn how to stand in your truth while building your resilience, flexibility, and innovation to overcome obstacles that stand in your way.

Here are just a few testimonials from earlier webinars:

Thank you so so much for a webinar in world class, among the best I have ever seen online. So uplifting and inspiring!
Lena in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ole, what a thrill for me to hear you! I am born of the Holy Spirit, so when I hear the Truth, I know it, and brother, I have always loved and appreciated you for your desire and commitment to get at the Truth, and speak it!
Joaquin, USA

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