RECORDING & Chat: The Final Countdown Webinar


21:00:59 From Siri To Everyone: Hello Ole & Kim & Everyone! ☺️❤️
21:01:54 From Petteri Sahinjoki To Everyone: Hi. Good day.
21:02:42 From Kim To Everyone: Hi beautiful family all over the world. Thank you kindly for support. You make these webinar happen. 🙏🏻
21:04:22 From Kit Larsen Hughes To Everyone: Hello to everyone. And a big hug to you and Kim! ❤️
21:04:44 From Kit Larsen Hughes To Everyone: Yes, I am coming soon. 😎
21:04:49 From Petteri Sahinjoki To Everyone: Yes. I am in Finland. Very cold here.
21:04:53 From Mo Anton To Everyone: Hello everyone!! Big hug!!! So nice to see you Ole!!
21:04:59 From beanoor To Everyone: Hello everybody. Beanoor from the Netherlands!
21:06:36 From Nicole Patterson To Everyone: Hi everyone Nicole here from Australia
21:06:45 From Annemarie Doze To Everyone: Hi everyone greetings from Holland
21:08:37 From Petteri Sahinjoki To Everyone: Nike shoes
21:09:18 From Monica To Everyone: 🤝💚🤝💚🤝💚 💞moni Swede
21:18:03 From Monica To Everyone: Google : shoes holocaust
21:19:24 From Petteri Sahinjoki To Everyone:
Is shoe secred mark of hoax?
21:23:17 From Monica To Everyone: Google: shoe Holocaust “Forum för levande historia” –> one red womenshoe on top..
21:43:55 From lisaa To Everyone: 🐱🥰
21:49:30 From Anne-Kristin To Everyone: split personalities ..often done on babies and children .
21:59:04 From Kim To Everyone: Any questions write them here and I will try to ask them before times up.
22:04:01 From Elin C To Everyone: Been wondering why some of us wake up and some seem to not be able to. Although I’m a 5th generation American, I have ancestry from/in LInkopping Sweden – ! – would this connection mean anything? Both my sister and I are awake to truth and truth seeking. p.s. I’m your recent dropbox problem child – just want to say thanks again for providing your magnificent research. 😄
22:10:31 From Åshild Kristin To Everyone:
What do you see coming up in the next 6 months? Many people are talking about the military operations that will arrest all these criminals. Do you think this will happen?
22:11:10 From Petteri Sahinjoki To Everyone:
Those who have outsourced their thinking to the mainstream media and so-called experts – remain asleep.
22:12:38 From Siri To Everyone: Do you have any input on the current ‘energy crisis’ going on in Europe?
22:16:12 From beanoor To Everyone: How can we become stronger towards these psychopats?
22:18:26 From lisaa To Everyone: 👏
22:20:46 From Annemarie Doze To Everyone: can you say anything about the connection between false vlags and specific trauma in the subconsciousness trauma in the collective of a country? i have noticed somethings going around in the M S M what touched the generational trauma. and probably false flag. and now you talk about shoes and holocaust. interesting…..
22:24:01 From Nadia Ezzelarab-Gill To Everyone: Thank you, Ole, Kim, & all participants! This is a great meeting. By the way, great comment by Petteri Sahinjoki, re. those ”who have outsourced their thinking to the mainstream media.” I am totally onboard with Ole’s analysis about the “energy crisis” (seriously, does it cost the Wallenbergs more to produce electricity this afternoon than it cost them a year ago?) Same thing re. food prices. Unfortunately, I have to leave now, but looking forward to hearing from you all again next time. Best regards to all, Nadia
22:24:45 From Johan J To Everyone: I have seen an interesting horror movie: “The cabin in the woods (2011)” It seems the reveal the purpose of the sacrifice and why the participants need to be warned, beforehand. The had to chose their poison. It they did not transgress, they could not be killed. Have you seen it? I would recommend it for everybody.
22:27:18 From Anne-Kristin To Everyone: Last week there was a strange report on the NRK norwegian broadcast: The driver of a wheel wagon was shot and died, by several policemen. 7-8 shots through the door. ..!? A false-flag event by the good guys to wake up the public to understand the MSM s non-reality propaganda ?
22:27:25 From beanoor To Everyone: THANK you
22:27:38 From lisaa To Everyone: Have you seen the Movie Dont look up?
22:29:03 From lisaa To Everyone: Thank u so much Ole!!!
22:30:39 From Elin Carlson, CA USA To Everyone: “It’s not called heart control.” – brilliant
22:32:10 From lisaa To Everyone: 😍
22:32:23 From Annemarie Doze To Everyone: Thank you 🌹
22:32:34 From Anne-Kristin To Everyone: I feel we are wonderful beings! Thank you!
22:32:38 From Kit Larsen Hughes To Everyone: lots of love from Sweden ❤️
22:32:47 From Siri To Everyone: Thank you. Peace. Love. ❤️
22:33:04 From Irene Andersson To Everyone: Thank you! [email protected]
22:33:31 From beanoor To Everyone: That God may bless you!
22:33:31 From Anne-Kristin To Everyone: 🥰 greetings to all !