Recorded Live Webinar: Thriving Amidst Chaos

Missed the live event, exclusively for individuals like You, who seek empowerment amidst chaos? No worries! You’re cordially invited to access the recorded and electrifying webinar session featuring international speaker and peacemaker, Ole Dammegard.

In this intense Q&A-session Ole answers many questions on burning topics like the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, or as Ole calls it; one of several ‘precision bombings’ of strategic locations to disrupt the global food supply, the alleged Moscow mass shooting, how to deal with the current situation, both on a street level as well as on a spiritual level, etc, etc.

Here are just a few testimonials from earlier webinars:

Thank you so so much for a webinar in world class, among the best I have ever seen online. So uplifting and inspiring!
Lena in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ole, what a thrill for me to hear you! I am born of the Holy Spirit, so when I hear the Truth, I know it, and brother, I have always loved and appreciated you for your desire and commitment to get at the Truth, and speak it!
Joaquin, USA

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