Webinar Recording & Chat: Thriving Amidst Chaos

In this intense Q&A-session Ole answers many questions on burning topics like the Francis Scott Key Bridge collaps in Baltimore, or as Ole calls it; one of several ‘precision bombings’ of strategic locations to disrupt the global food supply, the alleged Moscow mass shooting, how to deal with the current situation, both on a street level as well as on a spiritual level, etc, etc.


20:59:40 From Helle Løchte’s iPhone : Hallo hallo from Denmark
20:59:44 From Kjell : Norway connected. Hello
20:59:46 From Sandra Andersson : Driving so I Will have my video off for a time
20:59:59 From John Peacock to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : I can’t hear you Ole
21:00:02 From Ashtatara : Replying to “Hallo hallo from Den…” hej Helle
21:00:10 From Sandra Andersson : Ole du hörs inte ❤️
21:00:27 From Helle Løchte’s iPhone : Replying to “Hallo hallo from Den…” Hej hej
21:01:03 From Sally Fraser : Hello from Virginia!
21:02:05 From Cameron : Hi from Vancouver
21:02:22 From Jane : Hi from London, UK!
21:02:38 From Alexandra Rämsberg : Hi, Im at work, so cannot be active!
21:02:38 From Norbert : Greetings from Berlin! 😎
21:02:58 From Linda : Hello from grey, windy Reading, England!
21:03:12 From Sandra Andersson : Allt är som det skall
21:03:17 From Alexandra Rämsberg : Superfood initiative!
21:03:46 From linda : Hi from USA NJ. We just had a crazy Earthquake.
21:05:51 From Anna Sverige : The “green” Coop in Sweden had a “hack” too…
21:06:19 From Linda : Replying to “Hi from USA NJ. We j…” Oh dear, hope you and your neighbours are OK?
21:06:50 From Elizabeth : Hello from USA, Commie-fornia. Fighting hard to take it back!
21:07:02 From Anna Sverige : We had the fire of Oceania recently in Gothenburg Sweden too
21:10:00 From Michael : scott key
21:10:44 From Elizabeth : Francis Scott Key
21:14:49 From Michael : Obama production
21:15:33 From ShirleySlifer : I was told there is mind control in that movie so I didn’t watch it.
21:16:03 From Sandra Andersson : There is so many messages in it. White lion slavery 66 also
21:16:50 From Helen in Venice, FL : Good for you, Shirley, I fully agree… who needs it!
21:17:07 From Sandra Andersson : And the sound ! The different frequences
21:19:09 From Sandra Andersson : When we stand in our light and power We Will not be affected of anything. They are so scared of our ascension
21:19:55 From Cameron : Reacted to “When we stand in our…” with ❤️
21:20:07 From Elizabeth : Reacted to “When we stand in o…” with ❤️
21:20:11 From Linda : Reacted to “When we stand in our…” with ❤️
21:20:18 From linda : Replying to “Hi from USA NJ. We j…” yes
21:20:34 From linda : Reacted to “When we stand in our…” with ❤️
21:22:25 From Holly : Replying to “Hi from USA NJ. We j… “Hi Linda, in NY. Didn’t feel it here.
21:22:47 From Mary : Reacted to “When we stand in our…” with ❤️
21:22:52 From Linda : Replying to “Hi from USA NJ. We j…” That’s good to hear.
21:24:16 From Michael : Rosa Koire “Behind The Green Mask” excellent book…
21:24:48 From linda : Reacted to “Hi Linda, in NY. Did…” with 👍
21:24:51 From Mary : Commies
21:24:58 From Linda : And surprise, surprise, Climate Change is number 13 of the 17 sustainable goals… 🤢
21:24:59 From linda : Reacted to “That’s good to hear.” with 👍
21:26:21 From Kim : Very grateful to see you all here.🙏🏻 Please go, go with any questions you have here in the chat and I will go through. them to Ole.
21:27:32 From Linda : Can Ole comment on the recent Moscow so called ISIS attack.
21:27:41 From Siri : Question: Has Ole looked into the Liseberg Oceana fire?
21:27:41 From Donna : how do you ask a question
21:28:12 From Tiffany Finnegan : Q: is trump really a white hat or is he possibly another one of the deep state operatives
21:29:12 From Anna Sverige to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : What is about to happen in Sweden? Will Sweden be used for war against Russia?
Is Putin on the same side as the globalists or not?
21:29:50 From Anna Sverige : What is about to happen in Sweden? Will Sweden be used for war against Russia?
Is Putin on the same side as the globalists or not?
21:30:12 From Mary : We need God and to connect with God more than ever right now🤍
21:30:58 From Cameron : Reacted to “We need God and to c…” with ❤️
21:32:02 From Elizabeth : We have insane chemtrails here most days : (
21:32:26 From Elizabeth : Reacted to “We need God and to…” with ❤️
21:32:56 From Kjell : The call it man made clima change
21:33:13 From Sandra Andersson : There have to be anarchy and chaos inside of us before the Divine order can be born INSIDE OF US! We have to say, IT IS ENOUGHT!!! We have to take responsibility over our choices and what We do ourselves to change the world. I am really so tired or lightworkers and spiritual groups that tries to OWN the truth about the future. I believe that many spiritual groups are infiltrated by the Deep state. What do you say about this Ole?
21:34:20 From Elizabeth : Reacted to “The call it man ma…” with 👍
21:34:21 From Linda : We have had rain and flooding most of the time for about a year and a half here in England. We have had very few blue sky, sunny days…. 😩
21:35:23 From Mary : Reacted to “There have to be ana…” with 👍
21:35:26 From Norbert : R.I.P. Cody!
21:36:02 From Sandra Andersson : There is of course good spiritual groups ❤️ But groups With messages that are meant to scare us is not love ❤️
21:36:20 From Sandra Andersson : R I P ❤️❤️❤️
21:37:10 From Elizabeth : RIP ✝️
21:37:16 From Siri : Blessings for Cody’s soul 🤗
21:37:51 From Mary : RIP 🥲❤️
21:38:05 From Linda : Blessings to Cody and his family…
21:39:44 From [email protected] Walaker : So sorry to hear about Cody. Bless his soul 🙏♥️
21:40:04 From Mary : The pathological folks are saying the quiet parts out loud more & more
21:43:06 From Neil PMcD : working great guys, thanks.
21:45:29 From Elizabeth : Ohio has been attacked by train derailment, poisoned streams and lakes, farms and food processing plants destroyed.
21:45:45 From Elin and Per-Vidar : kondolerer, Condolances from us, peace be with his soul. Was outside for a little time, so I dont know if you said, if he may hade some more information, that they were afraid that he would give to the world?
21:49:36 From Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois : Captivating! Thank you! I jumped into the live 15 mn ago, so maybe you have already answered my question: what is your advice for tomorrow solar eclipse? Will it be really something special or is it instrumentalised em for fear again? 🙏
21:50:26 From Anna Sverige : The Moskow incident has been used to escalate conflict/war.
21:50:50 From Donna : Reacted to “kondolerer, Condol…” with ❤️
21:53:06 From Mary : And Zelensky is an actor who played the Pres of Ukraine before he was “elected” President
21:53:33 From Donna : Replying to “Captivating! Thank…” He made a joke about it – like nothing to fear. He was totally awesome.
21:54:57 From Linda : He was Mr Operation Warp Speed and has not spoken out against the jab…..
21:55:15 From Kjell : Reacted to “He was Mr Operation …” with 👍
21:56:26 From linda : Reacted to “He was Mr Operation …” with 👍
21:56:42 From Paul Smith : Hi Kim/Ole, Can you talk to how Crypto will provide an alternative to the current banking/finance system?
21:57:18 From Elin and Per-Vidar : There are many versions of Donald Trump, BUT, he is – very sad to say it, the antichrist for all christians and non jews. He is declared already as messiah for the jews, and they have given him the cerown to prove it. It is now 100 % sure. And I am very sad to say, that the plan is to kill us all. all of non jews. Wistleblower from his own team, which is all jewish. They have a DUTY to kill all others, 3 of 613, mitsvas
21:59:47 From Elin and Per-Vidar : He said it was the red tie was the right one, but there are many of him now. One is big and overweight, and the other much slimmer, but Benjamin Fulford that we like to listen to, and he says that the real one is in cheyenne mountain, he said now the white hats, which he is one of them, are White dragon family and MILLITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX..
22:00:09 From Elin and Per-Vidar : ALL symbols of logo of warp speed, is about mark of the beast
22:00:37 From Sandra Andersson : Exactly!!!!! We have to do the job!!!
22:00:44 From Kjell : Reacted to “Exactly!!!!! We have…” with 👍
22:02:21 From Siri : Question: Has Ole looked into the Liseberg Oceana fire?
22:04:10 From Neil PMcD : Two questions: 1) Have you kept in touch with Reiner Fuellmich? 2) Are you glad that you left Spain when you did?
22:04:39 From Kim McDougall : Question: can you please provide your thoughts on Nesara/Gesara?
22:06:04 From Linda : Worth a punt I would say!
22:06:09 From Kim McDougall : Question: can you please provide your thoughts on investing in gold and silver?
22:06:42 From Elizabeth : or bad guys prop up something ultimately worthless that can/will go poof? when physical metals and resources like food, water, etc. have the true value?
22:07:11 From Anna Sverige : Question (asking again): What is about to happen in Sweden? Will Sweden be used for war against Russia?
22:07:48 From Sandra Andersson : What do you think about all the spiritual leaders with big ego’s . All the new religious groups that AGAIN want to scare us for demons and the devil? What is your Theory about this wave ?
22:08:52 From Elin and Per-Vidar : Here is link, where someone close tro trump and his team, blows the whistle and say that he played us all, that is his website, trump played you, think it was telegram, and that the plan is to kill us ALL – and that he is the anthchrist, for jews he is messiah https://www.bitchute.com/video/asq04iqfUqG8/
22:10:05 From Elin and Per-Vidar : 17 americam bases in Sweeden and 12 in Norway
22:10:33 From Elin and Per-Vidar : They take over ALL the important military bases
22:13:09 From Jane : How best can we thrive in these uncertain times – short term and long term?
22:14:21 From Ashtatara : Replying to “They take over ALL t…” very soon 3 – 4 american military bases in Denmark ;=(
22:15:05 From Linda : and all the unrest with the migrants in Sweden….
22:15:12 From Ina : 🙏✨
22:15:51 From linda : Reacted to “How best can we thri…” with 👍
22:15:52 From Flavio Veroli : I lost the first hour. Will this be recordad?
22:16:21 From Elin and Per-Vidar : `Question: You said that some of the biolabs was moved from Ucraine to Sweeden, do you know anything more, if somethings have happened, further, do they put something more in food etc, in Sweeden from this?
22:16:24 From Linda : Replying to “I lost the first hou…” Yes there is a recording that you can access afterwards.
22:16:52 From Mary : Replying to “I lost the first hou…”
It is being recorded – it sats when you join and record icon is in top left corner ol
22:17:40 From Elizabeth : “Big Hearts – small egos under control” – I love that!
22:18:01 From Elin and Per-Vidar : Reacted to “”Big Hearts – small …” with 👍
22:18:06 From Siri : Reacted to “”Big Hearts – small …” with ❤️
22:18:26 From Sandra Andersson : Thank you so much! Love your answer 💕
22:18:28 From [email protected] Walaker : How do you see the spirituel and mental health on the population world wide conserning concent. We have a lot of power if we use our power of love?
22:21:45 From Siri : Question (3:rd time): Has Ole looked into the Liseberg Oceana fire?
22:22:10 From Hilary Jeffery : here is a very interesting decentralized internet project: https://qortal.org/
22:23:55 From Neil PMcD : good article promoting ‘vibe shift’ right now: https://open.substack.com/pub/pliego/p/vibe-shift?r=12fz65&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web
22:24:53 From Kjell : Q: When will the non awaken understand they watch a full blown genocida of the human race. Jabb, nuke war etc
22:25:05 From Elin and Per-Vidar : Reacted to “Q: When will the non…” with 👍
22:25:14 From Paul Smith : Wise words Ole. You don’t experience life as it is you experience life as you are 🙂
22:25:17 From Sandra Andersson : We also see what We want to see, what We focus on to see. If We can see the light in the darkness We Will transform everything into light. If we all take responsibility for ourselves THE WORLD WILL CHANGE. ❤️
22:25:32 From Elin and Per-Vidar : This is a video with Navaho wisdom about eclipse, be respectful and be inside, when it happens, and make changes, like death and rise to new life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJRal7YnmF0&t=54s
22:25:35 From Elin and Per-Vidar : Her er en FIN video som vi fant, hittade,
den er ca 10 minuter och er fra Navaho visdom. Handler om hvordan forholde seg til eklipse och hva det betyder. Man skal være oppriktig og respektfull mens det pågår, død og oppstandelse til nytt liv, for solen, for oss og vi kan gjøre endringer og forpliktelser.
22:26:08 From Ina : Reacted to “Her er en FIN video …” with 🙏
22:26:37 From Sandra Andersson : Need to go. Thank you so much for today !! ❤️🙏❤️ Thank you Ole, Kim and all the group 💕
22:27:15 From Elizabeth : Reacted to “We also see what W…” with ❤️
22:27:53 From Sandra Andersson : Reacted to “We also see what We …” with ❤️
22:27:58 From Jane : Thank you 🙂 💠
22:28:01 From Sandra Andersson : Removed a ❤️ reaction from “We also see what We …”
22:28:37 From Elizabeth : Reacted to “”Big Hearts – smal…” with 👍
22:28:40 From Elizabeth : Removed a 👍 from “”Big Hearts – smal…”
22:29:14 From Ina : It was the new water-land and a huge fire maybe a month ago, Seems very much like the dark dragon work to me, living here, seeing the ”laser whole in the roof…
22:29:19 From Anna Sverige : Oceania had typical names; The abyss, etc! Yes, many was looking forward to it and the summer.
22:29:32 From Siri : Oceana was a new waterpark that was due to open this summer. It caught fire and burned down a few weeks ago.
22:31:15 From Ina : Wonder since I came into the meeting late, if you would like to share a little summary of what wisdom you have about the solar eclipse tomorrow? Gracefully!
22:31:36 From Linda : Going back to Bitcoin, a very knowledgeable guy called Sam X runs a course on crypto, link here… https://www.weareelevate.org/cryptocafe/
22:31:45 From Cameron : Johnny Cash 🙂
22:31:51 From Elin and Per-Vidar : It is some weeks ago the fire in Liseberg, one of their main atractions burned
22:32:13 From Cameron : Act local
22:33:47 From Siri : Replying to “It is some weeks ago…” It was a new water park due to open in about June. Not opened yet when the fire started.
22:34:08 From Ina : Reacted to “Act local” with 💖
22:34:35 From Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois : So sorry to be obliged to leave! But I am looking forward to listening the replay! Greetings from Switzerland! 🙏🔆
22:34:50 From Anna Sverige : There were sounds of explosions, but they claime it was just sound from the plastic
22:35:07 From Anna Sverige : Yes 🙌
22:35:12 From Cameron : Yes, that was great. Thank you
22:35:17 From Linda : Yes!
22:35:18 From Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois : Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes! Again please!!!
22:35:21 From Cameron : Use time and date converter
22:35:23 From linda : yes
22:35:27 From Alexandra Rämsberg : Yeahh!
22:35:27 From Cameron : Yes, thank you!
22:35:28 From Kim McDougall : Thank you for all that you do, and yes please do this more often. 💕
22:35:29 From Cameron : 🙂
22:35:38 From Norbert : Thx + all the best for you!
22:35:40 From Neil PMcD : very great guys, nice to be in touch 👋
22:35:41 From Mary : Thank you ❤️💜❤️
22:35:41 From Siri : Thank You very much Ole, Kim & Everyone! 🤗
22:35:45 From Holly : Thank you Ole and Kim!
22:35:46 From Ina : Thanks! 🙏✨💖
22:35:54 From Ulrica : Thank you so much! ❤🙏🌞❤
22:35:58 From Linda : Thanks!
22:36:08 From Kjell : Thank you.
22:36:13 From Kristine Junkare : Thank you very much💖🌈🙏
22:36:21 From Norbert : http://www.zeitzonen.de/
22:36:24 From Anna Sverige to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : You’re 🌞 in the dark! Thank you 🙏
22:36:36 From Helle Løchte’s iPhone to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : See you next time 🙏🏼🧡
22:37:12 From Anna Sverige : Thank you 🙏 ☀️
22:37:12 From Jane : ❤️
22:37:14 From Linda : Look up Sam X on crypto, he has a video on Dan Astin Gregory’s YT channel…
22:37:19 From Kim : Thank you so much for being here and who you are. Thank you for donations. Know who you are, connect with your tribe locally and do educate yourself around crypto. 🙏🏻😘
22:37:23 From Paul Smith : Thanks Ole and Kim, big love from Amsterdam. See you next time 🙂
22:37:32 From Ina : Reacted to “Thank you so much fo…” with 💜
22:37:40 From Claudia L : Thank you for your time seeing the bigger picture and expand our life and we will Win
22:38:05 From Elin and Per-Vidar : Thank you and god bless you all
22:38:15 From Kim : 🙏🏻😘
22:38:27 From Alexandra Rämsberg : ♥️🦄
22:38:27 From linda : 🥰

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