Petition for Mobile-Free Zones on Trains in Germany

By B.N. Frank

Riding public transportation has always had its shortcomings. Due to increasing worldwide use of mobile phones and other portable electronic devices, the experience has become either more enjoyable or less tolerable depending on who you ask.

At the very least – passengers who use devices can be so focused on their tech that it can create some very unpleasant situations. When using cell phones and other sources of wireless (WiFi) – they are also exposing other passengers to harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR/EMF) aka “Electrosmog.”

Health experts and organizations have warning about exposure for many years. Exposure can cause “Microwave Sickness,” increased cancer risk, and SO MUCH MORE. In fact, last year the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that high levels of exposure in 1st world countries could affect 30% of the population. In regard to cell phones alone, there have been reports about several models exceeding federally established radiation safety limits (see 123456).

Mobile-free zones on public transportation sounds like a good idea everywhere. Kudos to these Germans for starting a petition.

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