RECORDING & Chat: The Embracing Change Webinar


20:58:09 From Kim : Welcome everybody and big hugs from us in Bali. 😃🙏🏻
21:00:01 From Siri : Hi from Göteborg, Sweden! 🤗
21:01:18 From Kim : Please post your questions here and I will bring them to Ole.
21:01:28 From Quinn Wright (Targeted Indivdual) : Hello everyone, Quinn from the United States, in CT
21:01:42 From Sonia Nordenson : Hello from Asheville, North Carolina!
21:03:04 From Quinn Wright (Targeted Indivdual) : I have a question about strange colored LED lights being put up everywhere. Im a truck driver who travels to different states and I am seeing these put up all over. Any idea what theses lights are?
21:03:06 From Kim : Most people have signed up for the recording this time, so its a small tribe today. Gives a great opportunity to connect and ask questions.
21:04:24 From Quinn Wright (Targeted Indivdual) : They are bright Green, blue and purple. Mostly on buildings
21:27:23 From Sonia Nordenson: How can we best meet the threat of negative AI?
21:28:06 From Kim : Bring on the questions dear ones.
21:31:38 From Toby Neuendorf : I am extremely concerned that a huge false flag may be planned in the US this fall – at 10:19 on 19/19… the New Madrid seismic zone. I sent you a letter last week detailing my reasons for my concerns.
21:33:41 From Sonia Nordenson : Gang stalking creates loosh.
21:34:00 From Toby Neuendorf : Death toll is projected at 30 million. Shakeout website says that 3 million people will be involved in the New Madrid earthquake drill on 10/19.
21:37:32 From Toby Neuendorf : The grand solar minimum is a 206 year solar cycle which induces a massive increase in volcanic and technology… the last 3 New Madrid quakes occurred in 1811 and 1812. They are now 4 or 5 years overdue… so it will only require a tiny nudge from HAARP to set it off
21:39:22 From Quinn Wright (Targeted Indivdual) : Have you looked into the Ohio train derailment, people are saying that a movie came out last year about a train derailment in the same exact town the real event happen in.
21:55:09 From Gmz : EMP = Electromagnetic pulse
21:58:11 From Gmz : What disaster were we heading towards before Covid sorry? 🙂
21:59:54 From Toby Neuendorf : Why do you think is the reason that Satan worship is becoming so blatantly public recently?
22:00:50 From Gmz : TN – I recommend watching Ed from NZ on his The Outer Light channel on Youtube btw 🙂
22:01:03 From Gmz : about the overt Satanism thing
22:01:13 From Quinn Wright (Targeted Indivdual ) : Do you think the Chinese spy ballon flying in the US was a distraction away from the Ohio derailment ?
22:02:33 From Elin Tønjum : Abut satanism, I think it is maybe for showing it in order that people may see it, and understand, or according to script… But nice to hear Oles answer..
22:03:04 From Elin Tønjum : They say that solar flare will increase, in time to come, and I do think that there will be a lot of turbulence, even it Niburu do exist or not. Because Jupiter is passing quite close, and then it will come earthquakes and tsunamis etc, and they make this also, with haarp etc. They will make doomsday that is according to script scripture.. as they use as script.
22:03:20 From Toby Neuendorf : I love your focus on the beauty of generosity and kindness ! Love dispels fear
22:05:32 From Elin Tønjum : Reacted to “I love your focus …” with ❤️
22:05:55 From Sonia Nordenson : Reacted to “I love your focus on…” with ❤️
22:09:00 From Gmz : Reacted to “They say that sola…” with 👍
22:09:50 From Gmz : Replying to “They say that sola…” Also Venus, next year in June or August. And discovering what these planets represent is super intriguing
22:11:11 From Gmz : Nike has the Saturn’s (Satan) ring tick as it’s logo – it’s not a tick it’s a curve of Saturn’s ring. Same as Nissan. Same as many popular brand logos!
22:11:33 From Gmz : Satanism has been hidden IN PLAIN SIGHT, for years. WE buy their products all the time.
22:12:48 From Elin Tønjum : Yes, even internet. www means 666 in hebrew.. and mike is connected to mind control..
22:13:37 From Gmz to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : Ole, how do you put your trust in God every day? What is your process of keeping faith that all will be well? Thank you for any advice from your spiritual and philosophical understandings 🙂
22:14:24 From Elin Tønjum : They say that all the big leaders at the top, they are compromised, they have raped or killed a child, or both..
22:14:33 From Gmz : What was her name? Karin Hoods?
22:15:38 From Elin Tønjum : They say that they have to have vaccine pass in Norway in 2023. Will it come, or can it be avoided, even if it is no white hats to help? What will happen, in that area? Digital id?
22:16:53 From Gmz : What was the name of that Illuminati guy Ole mentioned? Rolf….?
22:17:16 From Siri : Replying to “What was her name? K…” Carine Hutsebaut.
22:17:37 From Gmz : Reacted to “Carine Hutsebaut.” with ❤️
22:17:57 From Siri : Replying to “What was the name of…” Ronald Bernard
22:19:00 From Kim : Replying to “What was her name? K…” 🙏🏻
22:22:36 From Gmz : Reacted to “Yes, even internet…” with 😮
22:23:02 From Gmz : Replying to “Yes, even internet…” The internet isn’t a bad tool though. Google and those search engines are. Heavily censored
22:23:40 From Gmz : Focusing on one topic would be fantastic!!
22:24:22 From Toby Neuendorf : I have a suggestion: Could you set up a platform where we can interact in writing and share files?
22:26:28 From Ulrica : A mix of both would be great! Thank you so much for interesting talk today! 🙏💖
22:28:56 From Katie : Thank you. Beautiful and uplifting 💕
22:29:21 From Lena : Zdenko Domancic, a famous great healer in Slovenia has helped lots who were going to lose their limbs. Can recommend him!!!
22:29:39 From Siri : May the entire Universe be filled with Peace and joy, love and light! ❤️ Thank You! 🤗
22:29:43 From Sonia Nordenson : Thank you, Ole, Kim, and everyone. Blessings to all!
22:30:13 From Lena : Ole will try to help!
22:30:27 From Gmz : Thank you so much for your time and God Bless your left foot !! :-)))))
22:30:34 From Elin Tønjum : Will pray for you <3 [/toggle]