RECORDING Webinar: Remember Your Future

Welcome to world renowned International speaker and peacemaker Ole Dammegard’s first webinar of this incredible year, which will be remembered in our history books as 2023!

We are now in the powerful and paradox process of the death of our past, while at the same time experiencing the birth of our future. Letting go and relaxing into the unknown is now more important than ever before. Just like when we were born into this psychical universe, it is surrounded by fear as well as what might feel like immense pain, separation and loneliness.

But what if it is all perfect, and that we are now in the final stages of turning from caterpillars into mind-blowingly beautiful butterflies, with wings that will take us into a future beyond anything we can even imagine? How do these words resonates with you? And who will you become? Enjoy!

Here are just a few testimonials from the webinars:

Thank you so so much for a webinar in world class, among the best I have ever seen online. So uplifting and inspiring!
Lena in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ole, what a thrill for me to hear you! I am born of the Holy Spirit, so when I hear the Truth, I know it, and brother, I have always loved and appreciated you for your desire and commitment to get at the Truth, and speak it!
Joaquin, USA

Ole has an incredible way of covering the whole spectrum, with humour, expertise, deep sincerity, spirituality, compassion, and more important than anything else, he gives us hope, strength and a sense of belonging, through his generosity with himself his life experiences.
Josuah, Lithuania

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