Scientists Want To Turn Consciousness On And Off Like A Light Switch

AP Editor’s Note: Melissa Dykes covers the changing definition of what “problems” technology aims to resolve.  Modern science increasingly views the human body and the human condition as a set of continuous problems that need to be improved upon, including the complexities of consciousness. Are we destined to become the light switch? If they have their way…


Re-Mind Me

by Ole Dammegard

‘Re-Mind Me’: The manual on how to dissolve the matrix, or how to reach enlightenment,or how to just live a better life.

Here is a simple guide that might help you unlock some of the most profound and deep secrets of your life. It is especially well suited for children, teenagers, adults, old timers and seekers of all ages. It is a great tool to see if you are aware of what is going on in your life. What is real, and what isn’t? How do you deal with so called good and bad? It might also help you make your life as easeful, peaceful and useful as possible.

Based on what might be universal truths, this game-manual gives you very valuable inside information that can change your life for the better – if you choose to listen.
Do you want to try out the game – or are you already playing it? (With foreword by Nalanie Chellaram)

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