Stop the Lynching!

Abraham Bolden
Author at Echo fromDealey Plaza, LLC



Mr. President:

There is much talk about your use of the word “lynching” in reference to your problems with the Congress of these United States of America. These “lynchings” continue because those who have the power to stop them do nothing and when good men do nothing, evil and grave injustices predominate in a society.

Mr. President: In 1964, I was a proud member of the United States Secret Service. President John F. Kennedy was instrumental in my becoming the first African American to become a member of the secret service agents guarding the President in Washington D.C. During my tenure on the detail, I discovered weaknesses in the manner in which PRESIDENT KENNEDY was being protected and brought these weaknesses to the attention of the Chief of the United States Secret Service.

Mr.President: Due to my deep respect and admiration for President John F. Kennedy, the people of the United States and the United States of America, I intuited that if changes were not made within the protective agents surrounding the President, President Kennedy would be assassinated. And for my efforts to save the life of a President of these United States of America, let me explain to you how I (THE LYNCHEE) was LYNCHED BY OUR UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (THE LYNCHER).

I, Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. the Lynchee, was stationed in Washington, D.C… The Lynchers came to me and under a lie and pretext that I was needed in Chicago for another investigation, brought me back to Chicago. One of the Lynchers had already warned me that, “You are a Nig*er, you were born a Nig*er, and when you die you’ll still be a Nig*er. You’ll always be nothing but a Nig*er, so ACT LIKE ONE!!”

The LYNCHER THEN took me to the office of the United States Attorney where I was charged with attempting to solicit a bribe from a master counterfeiter, Joseph Spagnoli.

The Lynchee was denied a requested attorney while being questioned by the Lynchers.

The Lynchee was placed on trial and during the jury deliberation, the Honorable Judge instructed the jury that in his opinion, the Lynchee was guilty and to take his opinion into consideration during additional deliberations.

During a second trial, the same judge who voiced his opinion of the guilt of the Lynchee, heard a second trial in which none of the members of the jury was a Nig*er like the Lynchee.

A member of the Lynching party, Joseph Spagnoli later, under oath, admitted that he committed perjury at the request of the United States Attorney and the Lynchers knew that his testimony was less than forthright. The Court of Appeals agreed with Spagnoli and after the accused government prosecuting attorney Lyncher took the 5th amendment as to whether or not he was guilty of knowingly presenting perjured testimony during the Lynching, the court permitted the Lynching to continue.

The Lynchee appealed and during his appeal the government attorney Lyncher refused to answer the charge levied by partner Lynchcer Spagnoli and took the fifth amendment against self incrimination before the court.

The Lynchee, Abraham Bolden was sent to prison and during his stay was held by other Lynchers. The Lynchee was forced to ingest mind altering drugs and for a short period was placed in cruel detention among mental psychopaths, and serial murderers.

But the Holy Breath of the One God broke the hangman’s noose and on September 25, 1969, the Lynchee walked spiritually free.

Now, Mr. President, you have the power and authority to rectify this travesty of justice. On your desk awaiting your signature is Clemency Case File Number: P191303. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has already completed the background investigation. I am seeking a Pardon Due to Innocence. Please sign the Petition and remove the remainder of the noose that both my Spirit and body may be free of the indignation that I have suffered.

Thank you Mr. President.

Published by Abraham Bolden
Author at Echo fromDealey Plaza, LLC

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