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Six Deceptions Needed for Agenda 21

pineconeutopia Published on May 18, 2016 For the globalists to implement Agenda 21, the general public must be tricked. Here are 6 lies that are necessary to be believed for the populous to go along …

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DHS Expands Police Spying…

DHS Expands Police Spying by Adding Surveillance Cameras to Bus Stops Not content with surveillance cameras on buses, the police state has now begun adding them to bus stops. Last month an article in WTVR …

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Grenfell Fire Public Inquiry:

80 Page report finds “undeniably a mass murder and a crime against humanity of mammoth proportions.” GRENFELL TOWERS INTENTIONAL FALSE FLAG DEMOLITION: “Twin Towers of fire” spell out the numeral 11. The “Twin Towers of …

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Nobody’s Talking About This?!?

JASON A: Shocking BEAST SYSTEM Evidence Nobody’s Talking About! THIS IS HAPPENING WORLDWIDE… Jason A Worldwide Events World News End Times Current Events Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jasonayoutub…

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Tattling Smart Device Calls Police

Tattling Smart Device Calls Police During Domestic Dispute Jul 11, 2017 – Aaron Dykes This is a major signpost on the downfall of privacy in our technologically controlled society. We’re here. Even Orwell never could …

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Ole’s Newsletter 2016 06

JUNE 2016 – WITH YOUR SPECIAL HOST OLE DAMMEGÅRD Welcome to this month’s Newsletter! Busy busy month again. I have just been in Amsterdam to take part of the latest Dutch Open Mind Conference, together …

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