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The Only Worthwhile Investment We Ever Make

RJ Spina, Contributor Waking Times We are all perpetually bombarded with an endless array of investment opportunities, be it an investment of our attention, energy, money, skill, sweat, emotions, knowledge, etc. But what if there …

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Upgrade to the Next Level of Now

High Vibe Tribe, Contributor Waking Times All things are new. The old systems and paradigms are crumbling before our eyes and minds. Outdated mechanisms of knowledge and understanding have shifted and are passing. For those …

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The 10 Most Important Lessons

Most People Take A Lifetime To Learn By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory Life is hard enough without making it more challenging. Yet, this is what most people do simply because they haven’t learned — or accepted …

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All things new

All things new by Zen Gardner We might be surprised at just how much newness is coming our way but it’s here, ready or not. We can absorb it at our own speed and according …

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How To Connect To Your Higher Self

How To Connect To Your Higher Self In our busy lives, we might find it tough at times to connect to deeper parts of ourselves on a daily basis. Yet, it’s so important that we …

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Being Open-Minded

Being Open-Minded Literally Changes the Way You See the World, Says New Research  Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer – Waking Times According to new research, open-minded people don’t just see the world differently in an ideological …

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