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Gilchrist County Sheriff Deputy Assassinations (4-19-2018)

Article: The Assassination of Two Gilchrist County Sheriff Deputies http://bit.ly/2Cal4jz (Rebuilding website – Under re-construction) Category: Pursuit of Truth Duration: 08:57 Date:  2018-09-02 05:41:36 Tags:   gilchrist county, sheriff deputy, assassinations Book Ad Leaves From The Tree of …

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Fake Gun Statistics

Jeffersonian Girl Category: Boogeyman / Fear Porn ,Statistic Duration: 03:44 Date:  2018-09-04 12:34:22 Tags:   fake, gun, statistics    BOOK AD Re-Mind Me by Ole Dammegard ‘Re-Mind Me’: The manual on how to dissolve the matrix, or …

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