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Fluorides, the Atomic Bomb and Fake News

Source: No More Fake News by Jon Rappoport June 11, 2018 Faced with toxic fluorides destroying food crops, animal and human life, and with law suits piling up, atomic scientists decided they could distract the nation …

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When Hell Just Won’t Go Away

by Kathleen Stilwell April 14, 2018 A few days back I saw headlines about Syria and my internal knowing was that many, many more innocents were going to be harmed. It was happening, ready or …

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Finding a Way Forward Together

Source:  Oriah by Oriah Mountain Dreamer February 22, 2018 Sometimes, if we can be very still, eyes wide open, silencing the inner commentary for just one moment, we might see somethings we’re missing. Like the …

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I, Caterpillar

by Zen Gardner February 13, 2018 When the caterpillar metamorphosizes into a butterfly it first stops everything, wraps itself into a cocoon, and turns into goo. When humans hit this process, that’s pretty damn dark, …

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All things new

All things new by Zen Gardner We might be surprised at just how much newness is coming our way but it’s here, ready or not. We can absorb it at our own speed and according …

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