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The 10 Primary Directives of Mainstream Media

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer Waking Times The circus never stops, and no matter who cries fake news against whom, the fact remains that we have entered the post-truth, post-credibility, post-sanity, post-free speech world. While censorship is …

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Mainstream Media vs. the Age of Information

Ethan Indigo Smith, Contributor Waking Times The information age is changing entirety. It has changed and continues to change so rapidly that many of us, many times, find ourselves playing catch-up, not just with trends …

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THE SEARCH FOR MEANING IN MODERN LIFE by Kingsley L. Dennis  Every good story about a search begins with a tale. So, here’s one; it’s a tale about a magician who gave a dinner for his …

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The Collapse of Major Media

By Jon Rappoport As I indicated in a recent article, the B-team, or even the C-team, is now heading up the national evening news in America. These anchors’ faces and voices (Muir, Glor, and Holt) …

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Hurricane Harvey Artificially Intensified?

Was Hurricane Harvey Artificially Intensified by Geoengineering Programs? Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times Weather modification is one of the most public secrets of the military industrial complex. Cloud-seeding and atmospheric spraying, for example, are …

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