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How to stage a fake bioterror attack

How to stage a fake bioterror attack Jan31 by Jon Rappoport How to stage a fake bioterror attack by Jon Rappoport January 31, 2018 “Imagine this. A big-time doctor from the US Biological Warfare Group waddles …

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Ole’s Newsletter 2018 02

FEBRUARY 2018 – WITH YOUR SPECIAL HOST OLE DAMMEGÅRD So it seems like we have been blessed with a pretty easy going first month of 2018, at least when it comes to falseflag operations. The …

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Westminster Bridge Hoax Predicted

Streamed live on Apr 1, 2017 Today we welcome world renown researcher, author, and lecturer Ole Dammegard for a discussion on the Westminster Bridge attack and how he predicted the event. Ole is an expert …

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Ole Predicted the London Attack

Ole Dammegard predicted the London staged event that took place on March 22nd of 2017, on air at the end of February of the same year, and in writing in his March newsletter.  After years …

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London Attacks – 322

Published on Mar 22, 2017 Ole Dammegard on the Real Deal with Jim Fetzer: Ole predicted the alleged London attacks 3 weeks before they happened. Hear the details here. Sign up for the newsletter mentioned …

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