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Smarter Or Dumber?

Is Your Child Smarter Or Dumber Because Of Microwave Technologies? Catherine J. Frompovich Parents are overjoyed when their two-year-olds ‘master’ computer games and cell phones.  They interpret that as “look how smart my kid is!”  …

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ROAD RAGE EXPLAINED? CELL PHONE RADIATION LOWERS IMPULSE CONTROL, DISRUPTS BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER Drivers exposed to high radiation levels when phones try to stay connected to towers. Mind blown yet? Cell phone radiation adversely affecting …

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Dangers of 5G: From the Horse’s Mouth

Dangers of 5G: From the Horse’s Mouth Josh del Sol is a tireless warrior informing the public about the health impacts of RF, EMF and other ubiquitous frequencies. His documentary Take Back Your Power is …

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Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer

…That Kills Us Slowly August 9, 2017 manurishi Almost everyone had Wi-Fi in the house due to its convenience. However, there have been some safety concerns and the conclusion it that Wi-Fi can be detrimental …

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5G Wireless Radiation Dangers

Published on May 7, 2017 5G millimeter wave radiation dangers described by expert. These small cell transmitters will be located near every 2 to 10 homes, exposing your family to harmful, carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and genotoxic …

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New 5G Cell Towers and Smart Meters

…to Increase Microwave Radiation and Invade Privacy By John P. Thomas When the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved the use of 5-G microwave communication technology in 2016 and approved the use of microwave frequencies in …

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Sunday Screening: WiFi Refugees (2017)

July 23, 2017 By 21st Century Wire This week’s documentary film curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE. “Electrosensitive people insist that Wi-Fi and cell phones are inflicting constant harm on humans, animals, and nature. …

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U.S. Drinking Water Contaminated

REPORT: Nearly All Of U.S. Drinking Water Contaminated With Cancer Causing Chemicals TOPICS:Aaron KeselPollution – Water July 28, 2017 By Aaron Kesel The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit research organization environmental watchdog, released a searchable …

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The Dangers of Cell Phones

The Dangers of Cell Phones; There’s A Report By Catherine J. Frompovich             What would you think if I told you there is deliberate, governmental suppression of important health reports …

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Cell Phone Towers

Cell Phone Towers And What You Really Should Know About Them By Catherine J. Frompovich Cell phone microwave towers are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain. There are numerous types of towers, …

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