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Microchipping – Horrific Side Effect Surfaces

24 Hours After First U.S. Company Forces Microchip On Employees, Horrific Side Effect Surfaces July 29, 2017 manurishi 0 Comments Although we have heard rumors of micro-chipping Americans becoming a reality in this “brave new world” …

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Rice-sized microchips in employees

Wisconsin company to install rice-sized microchips in employees USA Today Network Mary Bowerman, USA TODAY Network A Wisconsin technology firm has begun offering employees microchip implants to scan into the company building and purchase food at …

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Sweden – Most Microchipped Nation

Sweden Becomes World’s Most Microchipped Nation July 12, 2017 Baxter Dmitry News, World 2 Sweden is in the grip of a microchipping craze, with Swedes readily parting with their own money to pay for “fashionable” …

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