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Plague Of Corruption With Judy A. Mikovits, PhD

By Outer Limits Radio On May 4th, 2020, part 1 of a documentary series called Plandemic (which featured an interview with whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits) was released. Analysis by multiple independent groups have estimated that Part 1 has …

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Just who is Klaus Schwabb?

JUST WHO IS KLAUS SCHWABB? December 1, 2020 By JOSEPH P. FARRELL I’ve been receiving so much email containing articles about “the Great Reset” – usually in conjunction with the covid planscamdemic, digital “currencies”, 2020 American election …

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Addicted: America’s Opioid Crisis

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at-a-glance 1 child in 8 lives with a parent who suffers from a substance abuse disorder in America, and every 15 minutes, a baby in America is born suffering from …

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