The Narrow Gate By Chiron Last

The Narrow Gate

Chiron Last ~ 

To ‘gain the world’ makes one’s heart heavy, and the kingdom within cannot be attained. How could it? How can all these weights be dragged through a passage whereby the only way to go through is to carry nothing at all

What depths have already been traversed to be in this moment? What heights have already been climbed? The gains and the losses that are incalculable and beyond demonstration, all echoing through the eons within the embryonic chambers of eternity. Its hidden orchestras, unquiet, anticipating the waiting measure that calls forth each note to its own existence – held upon the backdrop of temporary timelessness. Its beginning and end promoted as a force that wavers from the roaring cascade of a waterfall to the evaporation of a drop in the desert. Each push forward is but a falling back. The powerful are ever washed into the arms of weakness; a circular denouement of dreams raised upon pillars of sand. So this time…this time, will it last? Where then to go? Who then to become? The remembered ever becoming the forgotten…

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