The Purge Is Getting Out Of Control! Stop Banning All The Things!!!

By Press For Truth

Censorship is becoming one of the main issues moving forward for any freedom-loving individual who likes to challenge the status quo…

In the wake of the banning of Alex Jones, we quickly saw the great Facebook purge of 2018 where Press For Truth and many others in the field of alternative media were taken out in one fell swoop!

Fast forward to spring of 2019 and now Jordan Peterson, Tommy Robinson, David Icke, Faith Goldy and many others are currently on the chopping block and they’re getting axed!

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest censorship news that has devolved into digital book burnings and flat-out bans on ideas and opinions, while also providing a glimmer of hope moving forward when it comes to decentralized blockchain-based media sharing platforms.


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