Three Top CBD Brands For 2021

By Amanda Warren

Cannabis acceptance already had been making tremendous gains in the run-up to the U.S. election season, and current signs point to much further latitude for use and sale being given in many states. Repeated polls in the U.S. have shown a steady rise those who are ready for full legalization which is now at the highest level ever at nearly 70%. But it is the non-THC counterpart, CBD, that has most greatly expanded its presence in average households in the form of tinctures, oils and a variety of foods and beverages.

In the wake of countless scandals involving prescription pain medication, as well as the arrival of the many stresses associated with COVID and subsequent lockdowns, the search continues for products to help alleviate the common conditions of pain and stress in a healthier and more effective way.  Fortunately, science is rapidly catching up to what long-time natural health practitioners have been saying, as one can see in our extensive archive covering the research surrounding the benefits of CBD.

We all hope for a transition out of the rough waters of 2020 into a much more well-adjusted, healthier and tranquil 2021. In that spirit, we would like to offer several top CBD brands to consider during this extremely important moment of transition as we head through the holiday season and beyond.

Calm By Wellness says it perfectly in their name with a firm commitment to relieving anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Stress and other forms of mental anguish are among the greatest obstacles we face to our overall physical wellness. The company has been featured in some of the largest publications and boasts “more reviews and testimonials than any other brand.” You can find many of those very moving video testimonials at their site along with their community of trusted doctors. They have a unique selection of delicious flavored gummies and tinctures in addition to their hemp topicals and other offerings.

Hempure has long been featured on our site; they have a solid track record of outstanding service, great prices and a wide variety of products – including products for your pets! Too many people overlook the incredible benefits that CBD can provide to our four-legged friends who often suffer from much more intense anxiety than we do, as well as accelerated back and joint pain, particularly in the winter months. Their site also offers an array of informative articles.

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Leef Organics emphasizes holistic wellness beginning with their commitment to organic farming, sustainable packaging and community support. Their non-GMO products are primarily catered to topical applications, but they also offer “liquid superfood” with their tinctures.

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