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Vault Options for Specialised Researchers

If your interest is more specialized, please see the following more specific and cheaper options:

  • USA Complete – many cases and falseflag operations in the USA, including the major assassinatons like JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, Operation 40, multiple masshootings, falseflag operations like Las Vegas, Charlottesville, Boston Marathon and so so much more. Almost 1 TerraByte
  • UK Complete – many cases and falseflag operations in the UK, including major cases like Lady Diana, falseflag operations like the Westminster Attack, the London Bridge Attack, the Manchester Arena Attack and so many more. Almost 200 GigaByte
  • JFK Complete – Documents, photos, maps and videos collected from more than 30 years’ deep investigation, in more or less pristine order. Almost 180 GigaByte
  • Olof Palme Complete – A unique collection of documents, photos, maps and videos collected over more than 30 years, in more or less pristine order. More than 100 GigaByte

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“Ole Dammegard’s unique investigative approach connects the historical past with the present and guides us into a better future.”

Judyth Vary Baker, mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald

“When it comes to hardcore research into top political assassinations, like the Olof Palme-case, Ole Dammegard is my hero.”

Prof. Robert Harkavy, USA, Ex-Pentagon War Games Advisor

“My friend Ole’s hard efforts to reveal the truth is top of the line and his research is of absolute world class.”

Chip Tatum, CIA whistleblower & ex-member of George H. B. Bush’s hit team Pegasus

“Ole is one of the most extraordinary experts on assassinations and falseflags that I have ever come across.”

Alfred Lambremont Webre, Canada, Judge on The War Tribune in Kualumpur

“Ole has a courageous mind who intelligently and methodically put seemingly disconnected pieces together to offer us logical answers – a true inspiration for mankind.”

Ex-FBI Chief Consultant, Alen J. Salerian