Wanna adopt me? Fathers Day surprise!

Please subscribe to our page for updates and future videos! My husband Gus has raised my daughter Alexa since she was 2 1/2. After she lost her own father to gun violence in the streets of Philadelphia just a week shy of her first birthday. After 10 years of being her Dad in every way she finally asks him to make it official in this Fathers Day surprise video. Something he’s always wanted to do but wanted to wait until it was her decision. He had no idea and was totally shocked! We have a son together, Noah, and we used him in the surprise. I told him the kids picked out their gifts for him on their own this year and each gift was personal. From kid to Dad. We made him a picture book of just him and Alexa. Starting with the very first picture they ever took. And on the last page there’s a pic of just her holding a sign saying “Hey Dad! 10 years seems long enough don’t ya think?! Wanna adopt me?” Watch til the end and try not to cry!!! This video is exclusively managed by T&T Creative Media. For all media or broadcast usages, contact [email protected]
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