Why the fury?

The world-wide reaction to the Covid scamdemic has convinced me that we’ve fallen under an evil magic spell, that a malevolent miasma has captured people’s minds. And – it seems – the higher the intelligence the greater the susceptibility. The cognitive dissonance is, at least to my mind, unprecedented.

Consider: The PCR test and masks have been scientifically proven not to work. There’s a 99% survival rate and the median age of death is over 80. Yet on the strength of these trivial indicators restrictions falling just short of martial law have been imposed on and accepted by a supine public. Draconian lockdowns, confining people to within a few miles of their homes, bankrupting countless businesses, falsifying death statistics, the lockstep Stalinist cohesion of government, media, Big Pharma, transnational organisations and the medical establishment fully and perennially on message.

How could any intelligent person not identify these as red flags?

Then there’s the frantic stampede to vaccinate everyone despite the minuscule number of fatalities, almost all of them associated with old age and/or underlying pathologies: The ensuing ruthless and unprecedented suppression of those questioning the safety of the vaccines: The vaccine manufacturers’ blanket legal immunity irrespective of the calamities that might now follow: Eugenicist Bill Gates, who’s on record as desiring a reduction in the world’s population by 90% to 500 million, emerging as the vaccinater-in-chief.

Still most people are oblivious to the glaring inconsistencies. Try to point out the grotesque overreaction, the absolute lack of proportionality and their eyes glaze over. Like members of a cult. Which in itself is amazing. What’s really amazing though is the furious – bordering on hysterical – reaction of many others, often the most ‘intelligent’, to the point of outright hostility. Spluttering with rage. I know of friendships sundered and families split apart by the resultant venom.

Now I ask you, how have we come to this? Anybody suggesting such a possibility even a year ago would have been deemed, well, a conspiracy theorist!

It’s well known that the CIA has for many years been engaged in developing techniques of mass hypnosis. Could this be at least part of the explanation?

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