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YouTube’s UPDATED Terms of Service & Harassment Policy — SIMPLIFIED Breakdown

By JoyCamp

Activist Post Editor’s Note: JoyCamp is known for its hilarious short and satirical videos. This one from Benny Wills takes a far more serious and direct tone. Benny asks some pointed questions about why we are still using the media that we absolutely know censors and tracks us  — to insult each other, no less.

(There are alternatives by the way  — see SoMee, Flote and BitChute, among others.)

Case in point: YouTube is updating its policies — essentially coming out into the open to identify much of what they already have been doing. However, it heralds the next phase in the restriction of free expression that is likely to continue spreading across the big tech landscape.

Benny looks at the specific language of the new terms of service and harassment policies and the impact we can expect on nearly all aspects of speech and creativity on YouTube. And it goes even further — some of the language refers to partnering with law enforcement, government and “experts” to tackle extremism and violence. Because, as Benny says, apparently there is nothing worse in this world than words …

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