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Zen and Willem Report on the Unfolding Madness Around the World

By Willem Felderof

Activist Post Editor’s Note: One of the familiar refrains from the establishment is that “we are all in this together.” Yet, much of the establishment will not be as gravely affected by the consequences of government decisions as the rest of us. One of our missions is to bring personal stories and perspectives to light about how a variety of individuals are coping with this madness from around the world.

Zen Gardner is in Latin America and Willem Felderof is in Europe to bring their views of what is happening on the ground in the real world amid the corona chaos and the changing dynamics in society.

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About Zen Gardner

Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits. His book You Are the Awakening has met rave reviews and is available on amazon.com. You Are the Awakening examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.