5G beam waves in air destroy the birds’ guidance system

Mirror. Source 5G BEAM WAVES IN AIR DESTROY THE BIRDS GUIDANCE SYSTEM https://is.gd/sXAKpb Quote: “THE SAME AS MILITARY EXERCISES PUMPING OUT SONAR AND EMF SIGNALS SUB SEA PLAY HAVOC WITH WHALES AND OTHER WILDLIFE – MICROWAVES IN AIR DO THE SAME THING.” – 5G: Health risks, surveillance and bioweaponry – Lena Pu, Sept 2019 https://is.gd/YxYcjm Google { exeter university barcelona madrid breast prostate cancer led street lights https://is.gd/nSwnou } The 5G show with Lee Garrett & Mark Steele, 14th Oct 2019 https://is.gd/v7EPMA PG&E and SMART meters to blame for California fires? https://is.gd/loaFHp The Truth About Extinction Rebellion https://is.gd/DX8AQI 5G Cover up and trolling is child abuse and torture https://is.gd/IdIY1C 5G Apocalypse London Mark Steele https://is.gd/fJtG4C 5G soft kill scanning radar weapon system shown here https://is.gd/7vlgsV Paradise Lost; The Great California Fire Chronicles ~NEW FREE Book~ https://is.gd/XwuGmK Climate change lies exposed Jones & Co June 18, 2019 https://www.bitchute.com/video/m4lIYP… Carbon Dioxide revealed as the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for re-greening the planet https://is.gd/r8TWAP Connection between spraying our skies with heavy metals, chemtrails, and 5G technology https://is.gd/FAEC86 5G Kill Grid: More Groundwork Being Laid For The Military’s Ultimate Weapon! https://is.gd/d8a8s0 The SMART technology and draw backs for health, Mark Steele, TradCatKnight https://is.gd/PQCTxC A deeper understanding of 5G – Mark Steele, part 2 https://is.gd/09qPWN 5G The main stream and your government are lying https://is.gd/ocozXw Paradise Lost # 2 @ ~ 50,000 missing & murdered ??? ~ This was genocide https://is.gd/zwhNZ4 5G apocalypse LED street light weapons hardware exposed https://is.gd/2JQV8g 5G The crime in Gateshead – This is a must watch ! – Everyone must share ! https://is.gd/JmB4BO 5G Damages trees Fact but its not here for that https://is.gd/1tZ3Cz

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