Another Tesla-On-Autopilot Crashes Into An Inanimate Object — Driver Cited for Reckless Driving and Endangerment

By B.N. Frank

Experts continue to warn that Automated Vehicles (AVs) ARE NOT SAFE (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Teslas have even been catching fire and disposing of what’s left of them is an ecological nightmare.

Unfortunately, some drivers still want own and operate them with the automated features turned on AND some American elected officials continue endorsing them as being a necessity.

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Thanks to Zerohedge for reporting about another AV mishap:

While Elon Musk was celebrating his recent defamation trial victory, yet another Model 3 on Autopilot has done what Model 3s tend to do: slammed into an inanimate object. This particular accident occurred on I-95 near Norfolk, CT when the Tesla, on autopilot, slammed into two vehicles. One vehicle was a Connecticut State Police cruiser, according to ABC.

The driver said that he had put the car in Autopilot because he was checking on his dog in the back seat. Meanwhile, police were on the highway after responding to a report of a disabled vehicle that was occupying a lane.

Troopers were waiting for a tow truck for the disabled vehicle when the 2018 Model 3, traveling Northbound, crashed into the rear of the cruiser before “continuing in the same direction and hitting the disabled vehicle,” according to authorities

The car was “finally stopped several hundred feet ahead” by another state trooper. Luckily, no one was seriously injured and the driver was issued a misdemeanor summons for reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

State police took the accident as an opportunity to remind people that there are no vehicles yet that are fully automated. 

“Regardless of your vehicle’s capabilities, when operating a vehicle your full attention is required at all times to ensure safe driving,” state police concluded.

This means there still seems to be NO point in owning an Automated Vehicle.

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