Are You Willing To Surrender Your Brain To Superpower Computers? That Matrix IS Real!

By Catherine J. Frompovich

There is such a thing as “bio algorithms”!

Can we handle that fact and the answers?

Are you, dear reader, willing to hand over your God-given brain to the ‘cloud’ and the Internet of Things?

What right does DARPA have to revamp our personal thoughts, which will allow implants into our brains?

Personally, I am aghast at what brain science and high technology are planning for us over which we will have no control: our free will and the ability to NOT believe in personal thoughts and emotions, only what the Internet of Things [5G] will program us to believe, accept and, ultimately, become a monster no one may not have even imagined—yet.

The video below explains what I feel I can’t, and won’t, because it is not within my scope of reality nor comprehension.  By the way, every advance in technology that has come down the pike to us over time has had its problems, much of which has been proven negative to humankind, e.g., weapons of mass destruction, but more so: surveillance, hacking and non-thermal radiation adverse health effects, which affect each one of us personally, and on a daily basis!

Remember when electricity produced by nuclear power plants was propagandized as “too cheap so there would be no need for electric meters on homes”!  How ‘cheap’ is your electric bill now?  How have smart meters impacted your monthly bills?

Science does what it does because it can and get away with it as the ultimate in technology.  And we fall for it!

Do you realize currently you are breathing—and have been breathing—neuralnanorobotics and smartdust?

We really have no choice.  You—we, all of us—are living, breathing, high tech science experiments.  How does that sit with your sense of personal sovereignty?

The Matrix Is Real: Neuralnanorobotics and SmartDust
19:17 minutes

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