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Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Inflammatory Bladder Diseases (Study)

By B.N. Frank

Does it seem like adults and kids carry cell phones in their pants’ pockets more often than not?  Wireless radiation-emitting watches have become popular with people of all ages too.  That’s a lot of radiation being emitted near the bladder.  Could this be why there are so many commercials for urinary incontinence products featuring attractive men and women who don’t look even close to qualifying for AARP?

From Scielo:

Intensive use of mobile phones has negative impact on bladder tissue as well as the other organs. Keeping a minimum level of mobile phone use makes it easy to be kept under control of diseases in which inflammation is an etiologic factor.

So according to this study – anyone suffering from bladder health issues OR issues with other organs OR inflammatory health issues may want to reduce their use and exposure to cell phones and other sources of wireless radiation.  Actually, many health experts recommend the same thing even for those NOT suffering from any of the above health issues.  They say children are more vulnerable to exposure too.

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