Have You Read The “Fine Print” Warnings in the Manuals of Your Wireless Devices Yet?

By B.N. Frank

Environmental Health Trust Highlights Them For You in New E-Book and Website.

All wireless devices (baby monitors, cell phones, ear buds, laptops, wearables, Wi-Fi routers, etc.) emit RadioFrequency (RF) or wireless radiation which research has determined to be biologically harmful.  The American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have warned that children are more affected by exposure than adults.

Research has determined that animals – including pets – are harmed by exposure too.

Manufactures are required to include warnings about exposure with these devices; however, these warnings are often hard to find.  Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for highlighting them in their new appropriately titled website, Show Us The Fine Print and e-Book, What The Wireless Companies Don’t Want You to Know.   

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