I Am Your Ruler

By Sylvain Lamoureux

You may not have heard of me, as there are many names and faces that are attached to my deeds, but make no mistake, I rule you all.

It is simple really, I have outlived every one of your ancestors and their ideals. I have forged forward like a force of nature in the shadows as I have silently taken control of all which allows you to live and makes you YOU.

I have given you many things over the centuries to advance my aims. I have provided you with every opportunity to see what I have made you into as I distracted your pliable minds.

It is I which provided you with your education so that you may feel intelligent while doing my bidding and clutching your little gold stars.

It is I which funds both sides of conflicts which I orchestrate; I which convinces you to send your sons and now your daughters into battle to fill my coffers and yourselves with pride; I give you your patriotism and hope, then I tear them away for my own goals and amusement.

It is I which provides you with a history to reflect on while I control your present. I have provided many stories for you to know while I control the narrative of your mind.

It is I which gave you the definition of health and wellness. There is a reason that the cancer rate is one in two, it is the way it was meant to be. I have gained much knowledge into my own longevity through experimenting on you.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to feel any empathy towards the species which lay before me. For surely I possessed the capability at birth and wonder when I lost it. I ponder my childhood and how I learned to loathe and fear all of you.

No matter how much I control everything around you and how complete your conditioning may seem, Yes, I too live in fear for there is no solace from my nightmare of uprising. That the YOU would awaken and rise up to take my place of power and cast me from this place were you to discover what I have done to your very soul.

Fear is the only emotion I was every allowed, and it is what drives me to cleanse myself.

My goal is simple, rid this place of my fears, leave no witnesses and begin anew with total control.

I thank you for your compliance as you provide me with your DNA.

Have you figured out who I am yet?

I am YOU. I am your apathy, your fears, your narcissism, your hate, your suspicion, your blame, your helplessness. I am your ignorance and your arrogance, your xenophobic tendencies, your desire to punish and control others. I am your guilt, your shame and your insecurities. I am everything which controls your mind; I am everything you think and worse.

You could have stopped this at any time and you still can, but you won’t because I OWN YOU.

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