Please Don’t Forget Lahaina, Maui Fires

The discussion revolves around the anomalies in Lahaina, Maui fires potentially caused by advanced weapon technology, the possible involvement of Chinese satellites, the motives behind these fires, the high cost of small housing units, doubts about solving homelessness in Hawaii, and the possible use of color coding in mass shootings and terror attacks.

Main Topics

Lahaina Maui Fires and Anomalies

The anomalies observed in the recent fires raise questions about their cause and point towards the use of advanced weapon technology such as lasers and directed energy weapons.

Gaming conference and patsies
The involvement of professional gamers and the potential use of patsies in a larger operation are mentioned, highlighting the role of technology and manipulation.

Chinese involvement
While there are claims of Chinese satellite involvement, it is important to consider the possibility of certain corrupt elements using technology to confuse the situation.

Real estate in Lahaina
Speculation arises about a possible connection between the missing children and the resistance of native people to sell their land in Lahaina.

Alternative media manipulation
The presence of misinformation and manipulation in the alternative media is discussed, potentially hindering the search for the truth.

Directed energy weapons
The use of directed energy weapons is suggested as a possible explanation for the mysterious events, with mentions of laser beams and invisible weaponry.

Earthquakes and NATO
The occurrence of earthquakes in Turkey and Libya, coinciding with political tensions, raises suspicions about possible motives behind the events.

Caravan of school buses
A suspicious caravan of school buses leaving the area raises questions about the transportation of the missing students.

Motive and agenda
Investigating the motives behind the fires and identifying the key players involved is crucial to understanding the larger agenda at play.

Climate change agenda
The governor’s attribution of the events to climate change and the connection to the ‘build back better’ rhetoric are noted.

Missing children and parents
There are concerns about the whereabouts of the missing children and the apparent silence of their parents.

Use of words like resilience and sustainability
Hidden intentions and control over resources

Gene manipulated mosquitoes
Ecological concerns about their release

FEMA’s response to COVID
Creation of quarantine camps and addressing homelessness

Names of people involved
Questionable connections to sexual content

Operation Blue Roof
Questions about future attacks and control

Laser mapping
Suspicions about potential connections to attacks

Sex trafficking
Persistent issue linked to natural disasters

Exercise Talisman Sabre 23
Concerns about the agenda

Melbourne’s small housing units
Purpose and cost

Smart islands
Preparations and mapping

Questions / Answers

What caused the anomalies observed in the fires?
The anomalies suggest the use of advanced weapon technology like lasers and directed energy weapons to ignite and direct the Lahaina Maui fires.

Could the Chinese be involved in these fires?
While Chinese satellite involvement has been mentioned, it is important to consider the possibility of certain corrupt elements using technology to divert attention.

What could be the motive behind these fires?
Investigating the motives and identifying key players is essential to understanding the larger agenda at play.

Why are the small housing units so expensive?
They include features like electric shutters, doors, and gas ventilation, which seem unnecessary.

Do the numbers for solving homelessness in Hawaii match up?
There are doubts about the effectiveness and allocation of funds.

What is the significance of color coding in alleged mass shootings and terror attacks?
Color coding may serve as a form of covert communication.

Key Points and Insights

  • Suspicion surrounding the transportation of students and the possibility of them being taken to an army base or bunker.
  • Chinese involvement should be considered, but it is important to look beyond surface-level claims.
  • Mention of a possible setup involving patsies and the blame being shifted to local individuals.
  • Investigating motives and identifying key players is crucial to understanding the larger agenda.
  • Reference to a gaming conference and the potential use of skilled gamers in covert operations.
  • Discussion of alternative media manipulation and the difficulty in finding the truth.
  • Questions about the silence of parents and the potential control exerted over them.
  • Speculation about the manipulation of school papers and the presence of incorrect dates.
  • Noting the occurrence of earthquakes in Turkey and Libya during the same period.
  • Suspicions about the involvement and motives of FEMA, Red Cross, and Space Force
  • Mention of directed energy weapons and their potential role in the events.
  • The anomalies observed in the fires indicate the use of advanced weapon technology.
  • Questions about the purpose and cost-effectiveness of small housing units
  • The transcription contains various conspiracy theories and suspicions.
  • Connection to the climate change agenda and the governor’s statements.
  • The author suggests a larger agenda behind the events and actions.
  • Concerns about missing children and the lack of information from parents.
  • Potential deception and manipulation through language and symbolism
  • Questioning official narratives and examining actions is emphasized.


The anomalies are unbelievably many. The behavior of people involved is incredibly weird.

Look at what did not happen the way it should have happened. These are the giveaways of these types of jobs.

The motives behind the fires and the key players involved need to be identified.

They’re hijacking words and using them against us.

Why would anyone connect gas to the ventilation inside a house?

The color coding of purple or magenta in alleged incidents suggests covert communication.

Josh Green’s association with purple and band-aids raises curiosity.

The presence of Space Force headquarters in the same location as the fire chief raises questions.

Topics & Timestamps

Maui Wildfire Conspiracy Theories

  1. Maui Wildfire Conspiracy Theories
    • In this dialogue, the speakers discuss the anomalies and strange behaviors surrounding the wildfires on Maui, suggesting that there may be a hidden agenda behind them.
    • 00:32
  2. Lahaina Maui Fires Weapon Anomalies
    • The dialogue discusses the strange anomalies and unusual patterns observed during the Maui fires, suggesting that they may have been caused by advanced weapon technology rather than natural factors like climate change.
    • 07:37
  3. Chinese Involvement in Incidents
    • The dialogue discusses the possibility of Chinese elements being involved in certain events, such as wildfires and alleged terror attacks, and highlights peculiar names and connections in these incidents.
    • 14:38
  4. Diverse Topics Discussed
    • The dialogue discusses various topics including Chinese laser weapons, military exercises, the use of the term “guardians” in the Space Force, preparations for turning Maui into a smart island, and the release of genetically manipulated mosquitoes in Denpasar to combat dengue fever.
    • 22:22
  5. Gene Mosquitoes in Bali
    • The dialogue discusses the release of gene-manipulated mosquitoes in Bali, Indonesia and the potential disastrous effects on the ecosystem, as well as the possibility of a planned outbreak of malaria and the introduction of a vaccine.
    • 29:55
  6. Conspiracy and Manipulation
    • The dialogue discusses the suspicion of an operation involving land sales, control through fear and manipulation, the use of directed energy weapons, and the potential involvement of professional gamers as unwitting participants.
    • 37:58
  7. Manipulations and Terrorism Plot
    • The dialogue discusses a possible setup involving a Muslim terrorist, gaming technology, and an attack on Maui, suggesting that there may be hidden agendas and manipulations at play.
    • 48:40
  8. Marketing and Controversy
    • The dialogue discusses the use of emotional marketing tactics, alleged fires in Maui resembling the McDonald’s logo, product placement in mass shootings, and the misplacement of trillions of dollars.
    • 54:54
  9. NASA’s Secret Alien Agenda
    • The dialogue discusses the vast amounts of money and secrecy surrounding NASA, as well as the possibility of a false flag alien threat being used to manipulate public obedience.
    • 1:00:17
  10. Marketing Manipulation and Fear
    • The dialog discusses the manipulation of marketing tactics by powerful entities, such as the CIA, to instill fear and control over the population, particularly during times of crisis like COVID-19, using examples of changing names and deceptive language to achieve their goals.
    • 1:06:02
  11. Varied Discussion Topics
    • The dialogue discusses various topics, including a presentation on small housing as a solution for homelessness, the use of color codes in communication, suspicious behavior by Josh Green, inconsistencies in the response to a disaster, and the location of Space Force headquarters.
    • 1:12:04
  12. Firefighter Recruitment Deception
    • The dialogue discusses suspicious firefighter recruitment campaigns, potential deception, the need for awareness and action, and the consequences of being part of a larger operation.
    • 1:17:57
  13. Army Loyalty and Manipulation
    • The dialogue discusses the fear and lack of loyalty within army corps, the manipulation of individuals in power, the importance of awareness and exposing the truth, and the need for support in preserving information and documenting suspicious activities.
    • 1:24:50

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