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In the last several months, I have started to see a particular kind of client in my healing practice. These are clients who describe themselves as “newly awakened”. By this, I mean that they have recently come to the realization that they are infinite beings of spirit living a material life here on earth. Some of these people are younger, but several are of retirement age and older.

What all of these people have in common, regardless of their age, is the desperation to progress with their spiritual evolution as rapidly as possible. They feel the need to catch up quickly! Imagine that you have led an ordinary life with a steady job and a family, and suddenly you are made dramatically aware of your true nature as a powerful spiritual being that has been living asleep in our ordinary 3D world. That can be quite a shock. It’s like waking up after being in a coma for 20 years.

These clients are struggling with jobs that are no longer suitable, and relationships that they are rapidly growing out of. Not to mention retirement free time that they would like to make good use of, but where do they start?

First of all, if you have a friend or loved one in this situation, please treat them gently. You may be as frustrated as they are! Just know that if your relationship is suffering because of a sudden change in your loved one’s spiritual orientation, you must allow some time for the dust to settle.


Yolanda Yogapanda

by Ole Dammegard

Yolanda Yogapanda is a very smart and wise little panda bear. Together with her best friends, Toby Trunk and Leopold the stripy lion, she encounters various challenges in life – challenges Yolanda Yogapanda usually have great ways of solving. This is the first in a series of children’s books (age 5-95 years) based on the wisdom of ancient and timeless teachings of great yoga masters like Patanjali and Sri Swami Satchidananda.

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If you are the one who has suddenly awakened, also give yourself some time to adjust. It is very important that you work your grounding every day and do your best to stay in your body at all times. This is not a time to make any drastic life altering decisions. If you read this blog from the beginning, you will get great insight into what is involved in living a spiritual evolutionary life and working through your issues as they come up. Believe me, with your intent to evolve quickly to catch up, the issues will come rapidly and furiously! It is important that you stay grounded and well anchored to the planet.

It is my sense that within the past year, our planet was hit with a subtle but powerful wave of energy that has activated another round of sleepers. I remember hearing many years ago that the first wave of spiritual activation would contain those few who are tough and able to start breaking through the barriers in order to pave the way for more to follow. Succeeding waves would activate more and more people. This is what may be happening now.  So for those of you who resonate, welcome to the party!

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