Let’s Kill 5G Before It Kills Us!

Thank you for taking action to stop 5G!  Please fill in your info in the screen to the right, hit the Take Action button and you will be taken to a screen where you will then scroll down to the bottom of the page, type in your phone # and hit the “Connect Me Now” button. The system will call you with a recorded message to go over some quick notes which will also be in written form on the screen, just click on SHOW MORE to see the talking points.  Then the system will automatically dial your first rep and connect you with them.
When you are done with the first call, press the 1 key and the system will then dial your next reps office.  (Please note the system will not call the next rep unless you press 1 even if the other party has already hung up.)

Press * (the star key) at any time to skip a representative and only call the ones you want, but would be great if you called all the ones from the list the system gives you, as these are all of your reps from the local to the federal level and all are important.  However, if the system accidentally gives you a sheriff, clerk, or anyone other than a representative (someone with the authority to change law or create ordinances) just press the * key and please do skip over them.

If you get cut off before finishing the calls, just click on the red button from the email again and keep hitting the * key to skip right back to the office where you left off and continue finishing the calls.

When you are finished calling your reps, PLEASE BE SURE AND SCROLL DOWN AND HIT SUBMIT ON THE LETTER TO STOP 5G!  This is equally as important as the phone calls, as this will inform the reps, in writing and create a paper trail of your efforts to stop 5G.  You can also leave a personal comment under each letter to your rep. The letters are concise and under 3000 characters so they would fit into the forms legislators have for accepting messages from constituents.  Let’s FLOOD their inboxes with these letters!

Note: Please put aside at least 10 minutes or more, (depending on the number of local reps you have) to make all your calls.  This  may seem like a lot of time but it is time well spent and worth it to stop 5G! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS ACTION!


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