JAN 8, 2019;

This message is from the Guardian Angel, AhReAh. It was received by Cody Golden Elk on Jan. 8 2018 at 2:26 am MST, printed at The Star Lodge Healing Center in Lake George, Colorado, USA.

AHREAH:  We have come to you now, with a sense of urgency, for your world is in a great state of flux now. There are very high level Multi-Dimensional energies being sent to your planet/solar system now, which some of you may already be feeling. These energies are of the highest order. They are fine spiritual energies which penetrate all of your 3D-4D space/time. They will effect many things upon earth, on many levels, the foremost being your mental/emotional fields of consciousness. Those people of a generally lower vibrational – lower ego driven consciousness – will feel these higher multi-dimensional energies subtly….unaware of their existence….but the effects on them will be quite noticeable. As these higher multi-dimensional energetic frequencies impinge upon them, these people…of a selfish, or Service to Self, type of negative polarity….will react with feelings of chaos/fear/agitation, with increased volatility in their emotional/mental fields.

A sense of uneasiness, frustration, agitation, anger will erupt within them, as old Karmic patterns of a fear based consciousness – generations old – will be flushed to the surface. This is all part of a greater Divine Plan…to help humanity upon earth to throw off the shackles and chains of their old consciousness paradigms…which have led to the state of your world as it is today. Thus, a new age of Light, with higher consciousness can be fomented on earth.

As your old, fear/greed based paradigms – in religion, economics, govt./political systems fall – there will be MUCH CHAOS upon earth. Great changes there will be in this next earth year of 2019….great volatility in your economic systems, worldwide, as well as much military activity will occur. It is all part of a greater cleansing – a greater plan – but many will resist these changes. For the Lightworkers and Starseeds, this will be a time to do positive grounding and calming of yourselves. These next few earth months will call upon your greatest powers and abilities to remain above and unattached to the lower events swirling around you on the earth plane. Walk with one foot in the higher spiritual realms – where you may connect with all these higher Light frequencies now being sent to earth – for they will help to RECHARGE you, and also, walk with one foot, so to speak, with the other foot in the earth plane, taking care of your worldly affairs such as food, water, health, etc.

For those of you on Missions Of Light, to help hold the higher vibrational frequencies in mankind’s mental constructs of TRUTH, JUSTICE, LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS…will be greatly needed during these coming chaotic/tumultuous  times to HELP GROUND THIS HIGHER LIGHT TO THE EARTH. Many of you will feel the calling and be drawn together to assist one another in a soul collective of Light. It is VERY IMPORTANT for each of you now to follow your own hearts, your own inner callings – as big spiritual synchronicity will pull/draw each of you into your pre-ordained paths…in full accordance with your individual and soul collective Missions of Light.

Rejoice in these unsettled, chaotic, tumultuous/ rapidly changing times upon your earth – not falling prey to the common lower dark/negative/Service to Self evil type polarities of consciousness. Instead, unite together in love, peace and joy, forming a GREATER FAMILY OF LIGHT, with your human brothers and sisters around your world. Also, form these same bonds increasingly with all the other living things to share in these new, higher, energetic Multi-Dimensional frequencies…waves of Light. Watch the chaos and violence unfold on your earth – the economic/political/banking collapse…but do not be attached to it – for this will only “drag you down” to a lower level. See the scams, plans, secret plots of your so called New World Order tyrants/elites BE EXPOSED WITH TRUTH, as a new mass consciousness awakening of Light unfolds now.

Be a part of this…fulfil your Divine Missions – step up to the plate…”batters up”…in the big game…as this “pitch” of Great Light and spiritual awakening is thrown to you. Stand up NOW as Spiritual Warriors of Light without fear. For, the Light has already won this great battle on earth. The Light is always Light while the darkness is merely the absence of it. In the end, and the beginning, the alpha and omega…all is ONENESS, ALL IS UNITY, ALL IS GOD…and each of you, only separated by the illusion of form…are all ONE as well.

These are the times for which each of you has volunteered to incarnate upon the earth. Hold the Light, be the Light, then ground down all these higher energetic frequencies NOW to your earth mother…..for she needs the Light now…she needs your help, as she has been abused and poisoned so badly by pollution through greed. Rise up! Stand up! Speak truth to power without any fear…for death is but a transition from your robes of flesh, your earthly bodies, back into what you truly are…what you eternally are…SPIRITUAL BEINGS OF LIGHT.

We, the Angels of Light, will stand with each of you now. Feel our love, hear our words, be our Light. For, soon, the most high, the most radiant one, whom you call Jesus Christ….will return. Go now, in peace with this higher Light…with wisdom and understanding…to help your fellow humans and animals beings through these difficult, trying, unsettling times soon coming to earth in this, your year of 2019.  end at 3:04 am MST, USA.

NOTE: If this message resonates with you, please spread it out to the people, our brothers and sisters. Cody; [email protected] or  [email protected]  719-748-1493 in USA.

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