Politicians are agents for organized crime

By InfoWarriors of Norway 08 Jan, 2019

The vast majority of people are unaware that parliamentarism, better known as democracy is an enormous scam, set up hundreds of years ago, to plunder peoples’ natural creator-given rights as well as rob and steal their joint ownership to their countries’ resources and the profits from the sale of these.

Many people spend countlless time and energy debating politics, parties and politicians. Which party they think is atrocious, which politicians they are disatisfied with, which party they will vote for next time, not knowing that ALL politicians represent one party – worldwide criminal freemasonry, bankster gangsters and their colleagues in international industry – chiefly the industrial-military complex and the pharmaceutical industry (both legal and illegal=narcotics), of which NATO particularly is an active contributor (narcotics trade).

Many a blue-eyed and naive youth has entered politics at low-level entry believing that politicians DO work for their peoples, only to discover in due course that this is not the case, and these once ideal, well-meaning youths slowly transform and become as corrupt and cynical as his or her political peers. This is why, once you enter politics at Congress or Parliamentary level (or equivalent in your country), you will notice how politicians develop a kind of detached veneer, and a condescending and contemptuous attitude towards their supposed electors, the public.

If the public worldwide were aware of the fact that politicians are agents and fronts of the global freemasony and organized crime cartel of the Bilderberg group whose members are satanists, pedophiles and murderers, amongst them royalty – to whom far too many spend time fussing over, few would vote for them, look up to them or spend their time wondering which party to vote for next time. Knowing this you should NEVER vote again.

You who read this need to understand that politicians are not chosen by their countries’ peoples any more, many never have been – they are chosen by the owners of the biggest global banks and corporations who also control most governments with puppets from President and down, including the whole Deep State. You need to know that amongst the many ulterior motives of the Second World War was the motive to destroy all nation states, their constitutions and remove elected politicians, through an enormous coup d’état – the establishment of the European Union.


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Their intention included active destruction of nationalism and the family in order that the backmen: the murderers, pedophiles and satanists who operate politics in the backrooms, from their secret societies, could achieve the final stages of their masterplan, worldwide dominance over you and I, transferring all power and all resources to the very few, these criminally insane pedophiles, murderers and satanists, amongst them the Norwegian, European and British royal families.

As well as creating worldwide slavery their plan has been to exterminate around 98% of the world’s population so that these sick people could have the world to themselves, as one large playground, lacking nothing, using the best girls and men for sex and labour, all others dead. They call themselves the New World Order, though this idea is not new, but has been worked towards over centuries, by the forerunners of today’s generation of thieves, criminals, satanists and pedophiles.

Know that politics is an enormous lie and bluff. Since 1945, no politician has represented or worked for you, at the top, but for themselves and their equally criminal buddies around the world. Many of these heavy duty criminals are presented to us as in the media as respectable people, where they are often described in positive terms by our mainstream media who are, of course, paid for by these same criminals, the Clintons, Obama, Soros, Brzezinzky, May, Macron, Solberg, Stoltenberg and many many others, all responsible for genocide in third world countries so they can fill their own pockets, whilst smiling before the camera with their false, staged smiles.

Today’s politicians are trained actors functioning as politicians, paid huge sums to lie to their populations about virtually everything, whilst receiving millions into private bank accounts in tax-free havens for dutifully committing high treason. Turn your back on politics and politicians, you and I are included in their worldwide genocide plan, Agenda21.

We do not need politicians and governments. These are both organised crime syndicates on a massive scale, hidden behind a smokescreen of nicety and sold as “representing the people” when all departments of state are privately owned companies and PLCs.

Governments and politicians stand between ourselves and real freedom, so stop voting for them! Why delegate important decisions regarding your own life to an international mafiacartel of murderers, psychopaths, satanists and pedophiles? Are you really incapable of making your own decisions?

Just look at the way politicians today have given themselves the power to be our BOSSES when in reality they are supposed to serve us, all our needs and protect our assets and use the profits from the sale of the peoples’ assets for the benefit of society and the people. Instead they sell us out, give their freemasonry friends oil fields, gas, water, gold and silver, giving us nothing but a fake fund, the Norwegian Oil Fund, that does not even exist!

The choice is ultimately down to each and every one of us. We can either wake up and realise that treacherous backmen, bankster gangsters and their puppets in international freemasony, politicians and royalty have stolen our countries, turned them into corporations which THEY own, by setting up myriads of PLCs and many other privately owned companies which they have set up to moneylaunder our rightfully owned resources and the profits from sales of these to THEIR own pockets.

OR we can continue along the conveyor belt of slavery and impending genocide. Stop voting for these murderers, satanists and pedophiles and support all those working towards establishing direct democracy in your own country!

It is up to you, reader, but know this, the time is nigh. Your politicians, the vast majority of them, want you dead, through countless attacks on your life through poisoned air, water, food as well as well as the massive radiation now being employed all over the world in the form of smart technology combined with 5G.

Remember these people are only 2% of the world’s population. We have a choice.

Die by their thieving hands under democracy (demon crazy) or establish and flourish with real direct democracy.

Make the right choice – and if you value your life ditch all your wireless appliances now, or die from incurable cancer radiation.

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