Precautionary Principle Prevails! 3-Year Moratorium on 5G AND 4G Deployment in Geneva, Switzerland

By B.N. Frank

Worldwide opposition to 5G technology continues to increase and for a variety of valid reasons IN ADDITION to biological and environmental risks (see 1234).  Unfortunately, 5G isn’t the only source of unsafe technology.  All sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation – 1G through 4G – are harmful too.  In fact, pollution from all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (“Electrosmog”) is also very harmful.

Much has already been reported about 5G opposition in Switzerland (see 1234) including in Geneva.  Now The Canton has introduced a 3-year moratorium on both 4G and 5G deployment.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Switzerland: The Canton of Geneva has introduced a three-year moratorium on 4G and 5G. The amendment to the law stipulates that any new installation will be subject to a permit during this period. This applies to both ‘4G+’ a.k.a. 1st wave 5G, operating at the 3.5 Gigahertz frequency, and 5G at 26 Gigahertz, which has not yet been rolled out in Switzerland.

The Grand Council adopted the resolution  with 56 yes and 36 no. The Geneva action was reported in “Three-year moratorium on 4G + and 5G in Geneva” which states, “the moratorium adopted Thursday evening also aims to respond to the growing concern of the population” and quotes deputy Green Jean Rossiaud, “The precautionary principle prevails in view of the absence of independent studies on the effects of this technology on health and biodiversity.”

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Read a short summary of the published research related to 5G, wireless and 4G densification here.

In 2017, doctors and scientists asked for a worldwide moratorium on 5G due to biological and environmental risks.  Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals getting sick where it was turned on (see 1234)In February 2019 the telecom industry gave U.S. congressional testimony that they have NO scientific evidence that it’s safe.  Many cities and countries have taken action against 5G including banning it.

In December 2019, doctors, scientists, engineers, and public advocates asked President Trump for a moratorium on 5G.  Despite all of the above and more (see 1234) the “Race to 5G” continues in the U.S. and various parts of the world anyway AND includes satellites blasting 5G and WiFi from space.

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