So Why Are We Here?

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

So Why Are We Here?

First off, who says there needs to be a reason? We may look at our lives linearly and think causality is at work, but is it? Besides, what is it that’s asking for a reason? Isn’t that the contraption built by that severely limited paradigm we’re trying to wake up out of?

And wouldn’t having a reason imply a desired outcome? Where did that come from?

It all sounds like presumption born out of ignorance to me. Short-sighted and unaware to the max if we’re even the least bit conscious. I know, pretty severe, but hear me out, if you want.

What Then?

What is this directive control system implanted in the human mind that seeks so hard, that tries so hard, that constantly seeks ratification for its questions and cravings? Is that truly who we are?

Maybe it’s an implant of sorts. That’s one way to think about it, at least in relation to our pure conscious awareness. A lot’s been said about the possible “foreign installation” through the ages. Is that really the case? Or maybe it’s the outgrowth of some brain function that got the “big head” that we can fit the ocean of existence into our teaspoon pea brains and call it ours and control it?

Something’s amiss. At least it sure looks that way when you examine the psychopathic nature of false science, religion, politics, economics and all the rest of these parasitic institutions for eons that are now apparently reaching a crescendo of insanity.

Better yet: does it even really matter where it came from or how it so-called evolved in the human condition?

Maybe it’s always been this way since our inception, whatever or whomever we are. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust “science” or “history” or human reason of any sort one bit, except maybe a few obvious fight or flight type facts and mechanisms and seeming markers anyone can find all over the biosphere.

Something like that.

This is why humanity is such a scourge on the planet. No other species has wreaked such destruction and havoc. While the capabilities for creative beauty and harmony abound and attempt to manifest, why the hell are the destructive and parasitic qualities so predominant, to the point that we’re poisoning our own living environment and stinting the life of our own race in more ways than practically imaginable?

As I see it, until this fake self shit is addressed we’re only going to keep phasing from one stone age to the other into darker and darker territory in the illusory haze of bizarroville – the flip side of natural creation. People can have it if they want, but they’re spoiling the soup for everyone.

Until the real cause for all of this is addressed it’s just going to keep perpetuating. The concept of no self will never ever be a popular message to self – the big fat parasitic out of its mind elephant in the room. Putting it out of its misery will never be possible with elephant thinkers thriving and gorging it with food while very effectively misdirecting those being stomped upon to fight imaginary polarized demons.

That’s a crunchy, condensed metaphor. See if you can pull that one apart but it’s a good illustration if you ask me.

The Hurdle that Doesn’t Exist

The many ironies of life are perhaps the most fascinating subjects humanity has encountered and elaborately discussed through time immemorial. Talk about a mind-blowing repeat loop! From sages and saints and scholars to child like scientific postulations, it continues on, if only in the background of human consciousness but often posed as landmark truths.


It seems to me so called “answers” to anything must be undeniably clear and simple. We usually don’t like those as they frustrate the importance of the egoic mental process we so identify with as ourselves and self importance. There’s a lotta rub in there with not so savory aspects of the human condition implied as well as stated. When identity arises and solidifies, it rivals other interpretations and conflicts arise. Big time. Whole societies going to war with others eventually, for example, as extenuating arms of these more subtle belief systems, systematically become group identification and the war between these goes on.

Utter insanity appearing real and natural, and of all things necessary and some sort of “course of nature”. Are you kidding me?

So far I don’t think I’ve said anything anyone could argue with, even though it’s terse and pretty wide sweeping. Basic questions we all share are standard issues that confront human beings coursing through this life. Some care to look deeply at them, some go for religious or so-called spiritual explanations for refuge and relief, and most go along with whatever consensus reality is at play during the unperceived manipulated segments of their lifetimes.

That’s the in your face seemingly easy route; adopt-a-belief. Totally understandable I guess. Except when conflicts arise and they blame others for their own ignorance and all hell breaks loose over and over in micro and macro manifestations. Then shit breaks loose. It’s the continual saga of so-called history.

The Conspiracy to Nowhere

We all know we’re in this together. Somewhere within each of us we know we are intrinsically  and inextricably connected to everything. Nature screams this message, despite how it has been scientifically detached in the overly mental and rationally based viewpoint of our age. We know we’re not separate from anything. That separation is simply a mental construct – a deliberate lobotomy by the egoic structure that seeks to thrive as the all important fake self – ever dissecting in its efforts to survive.

There’s a tenet worth remembering in there somewhere.

“From dust thou art, to dust thou shalt return.” Not bad for starters. At least some basic understanding there of our transient, integrated nature. Yet it needs to be written in scripture and repeated at funerals as a too-late remembrance? Strange indeed.

The fact that we are not the dust isn’t even addressed, but I digress.

Death looms in the human psyche. A seeming “end” that provokes tremendous fear, or should I say exemplifies the underlying fear that sparks human behavior. Pleasure and pain rule our guidance systems. Death is like a big black door no one wants to talk about.

Game over. Then what? If anything.

That same fear of death to self rules all of human behavior. Fact is, it’s the false constructed egoic self that’s freaked out about being done away with, as manifest in human society and personal false paradigms. A lot there you may or may not grasp, but it’s true. Truth is beyond this play. We sense it and it’s within each of us, that knowing. But finding affirmation of this false self annihilation on this planet is very rarely found. For obvious reasons.

Birth and death seem to be bookends of a struggle, a play, a game, an adventure. The presumptuous attitude that we’re in charge of anything at all is preposterous. Life plays out, it just does. Our illusion of choice is like a plastic rudder that’s inside the boat to make the child-like passengers think they’re steering. That may sound disempowering but it’s not – it’s the complete opposite.

Is that esoteric enough? Something to think about. What do any of us really have control over? And again, what does any of us actually know? That’s the starting point – yet humanity lives in the land of conjecture and belief. That’s pretty remarkable in itself.

The Steering Steers Itself

The steering steers itself. It just does as much as ego will freak out over that one. Ours is to let go, oddly enough. Sure, there’s an element of delayed or apparent choice, or so it appears, but who chose what in your life? How did you or I get to where we are?

I know, this confronts “reason” and causality big time. And the free will thing is a big one. Sure we seem to bounce around in the pinball machine and appear to choose options, but do we? And to what extent? All I know is this aspect of apparent choice has many aspects worth exploring – honestly.

Blame, guilt, shame, victimhood, co-dependence, identification with our story, desperate self assertion – are all so real they appear to have controlled us. They haven’t. To use a simple metaphor, our boats are in a mighty current and our fiddling with what we think are controls are fundamentally inconsequential. We’re still in the mighty river. To nowhere and from nowhere. It just moves along and just is, “ising”. The ride is all there really is.

It takes getting used to. But you have to let your mind go

No desired outcome involved. No fulfillment or purpose, no meaning. It just rolls along. All of our mental, egoic or “foreign installment” related crap is just fretting against what is. All are stories within stories about what’s going on.

Does that put an end to all the angst? Because surrender is the true nature of the realized being. No doctrine, no teaching, no higher being. Just what is in the magnificence of it all. Therein is the real God we all sense. Trying to captivate it into a concept or rationality is juvenile.

It just is. Drop out of the madness. It’s a fabrication. A completely futile and pointless one. We can make it appear real by all kinds of frustrated projected exuberance but it’s still fake and has no meaning.

When you awake from a dream, was it real?

Now you’re in another one. An apparently collective one. It’s still a dream.

Ours is to see it for what it is. That “installation” or frontal cortex or socially fabricated self or whatever you want to call it that’s trying to so hard is illusion city trying to hold on to its own imagination and feel self importance.

Drop it.

The external game we perceive is a group hallucination, as real as it may appear.

When the dreamer awakes, truth appears.

Unless it’s another dream. Perhaps the Truman Show is just the first layer of infinite Russian dolls?

Let that bake your noodle.

And what difference does any of that make?

When you figure it out, supposedly, then what?

And who the hell is doing the “figuring out”?

Enjoy the ride.

Love, Zen

About the Author

Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst entrenched alternative pundits. His book “You Are The Awakening” has met rave reviews and is available on

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