Survival of Spaceship Earth 1972

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This rarely seen video was produced 20 years before Rio 92 and Agenda 21. The propaganda machine was well underway convincing people overpopulation is the biggest problem threatening planet earth. The environmental movement and those behind it is the biggest threat. They want an 80% reduction in C02 which requires a huge drop in population numbers. What’s not sustainable…you! Credits: Dirk Summers — Producer/Writer/Director Hugh Downs — Narrator Raymond Burr — Narrator Rue McClanahan — Presenter Margaret Mead — Actor Maurice Strong — Actor Barbara Ward — Actor/Writer John D. Rockefeller III — Actor Dr. Rene Dubos — Actor/Writer Dr. Harrison Brown — Actor Dr. Walter Orr Roberts — Actor Ambassador Keith Johnson (Jamaica) Ambassador Motoo Ogiso (Japan) Russell T. Jordan — Science Advisor John Holdren — Science Advisor/Writer The Charles F Kettering Foundation / Supporter The Alfred P Sloan Foundation / Supporter The Atlantic Richfield Company/ Supporter The George Gund Foundation / Supporter The Tinker Foundation / Supporter

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